10 June 2016

February in Arizona

Brunch at the Coronet
The moon and good friends
I have been so focused lately on some personal things in my life that I have not been taking enough time to do the things that make me feel whole, like making art, gardening, crafting things, and most of all taking pictures with a real camera (not just my iphone). I used to take so many pictures! I looked back at the last 6 months and I've hardly taken any with my camera. It's sad. I need to get back in that creative space that I really thrive in. Today I just took out my camera for no good reason and snapped a few snaps, then I looked back through the most recent pictures on my memory card and found some fun stuff. Here are some pics I found from our trip to Arizona in February. Good times! If you want to see these pictures in better detail head to my flickr album for this set. 

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