14 May 2016

I watch movies! Her Alibi (1989)

We got HBO Now a while back so that we could watch Game of Thrones this season. The awesome side effect of that is that there's a ton of other great stuff to watch on there too. Like VEEP, have you seen VEEP? It's so good! You should watch it!

Anyway, this is especially good because we don't have Netflix anymore. The reason why is a long story for another day, but Netflix was getting old anyway. Unlike Netflix, HBO has a ton of great movies that you actually want to watch, where it seems like Netflix just had a ton of movies that you either have already seen and don't want to see again, or have no interest in seeing at all, haha! Maybe I had had Netflix for too long, but I felt like I was running out of movies to watch and only ever watched TV shows. I'll admit Netflix really shines in the TV show department, and I love me some TV.

But you know what, I also really love movies! Especially good ones. But sometimes bad ones too. So my plan is to watch more movies. Side note: I miss video stores where you could go and walk down the isles aimlessly until you found the random flick that caught your interest. Oh the memories!

Anyway, last night while falling in and out of sleep on the couch (long week ya'll) I watched the 1989 hit film Her Alibi, starring one of my personal favs, Tom Selleck. And I rewatched it again today. Spoilers below, as if that even needs to be said for a movie from 1989, haha!

I had never even heard of this flick, which surprised me because it couldn't be anymore more up my alley! Goofball humor! Tom Selleck! Mystery! Main character is a writer! Oh goodness. So, let me tell ya a bit more. Tom Selleck plays a mystery writer named Phil Blackwood, who is having a four year bout of writer's block, and his publisher/editor/whatever is like, you've gotta write a book, STAT! PS the publisher/editor/whatever is played by Williams Daniels, aka MR FEENY from Boy Meets World.

Tom Selleck and Mr Feeny.
 Anyway so in an attempt to get some inspiration he goes to court to watch people being arraigned, and meets a beautiful Romanian woman named Nina (played by Paulina Porizkova) who is being held on suspicion of murder, and he decides it's a good idea to MAKE UP AN ALIBI for this complete stranger and get her out of jail! High jinks ensue. There's a seductive hair cutting scene; a trampoline jumping, heart pounding escape from bad guys in a grocery store; Phil getting shot in the butt with an arrow; Phil falling in a barrel and rolling into a picnic table; oh it goes on and on.

Sexy haircut!

One of the things about this movie that really I like is the way that the action is mirrored by the book that Phil is writing, the next in his series of mystery novels following the detective Peter Swift! He's basing the book on what is currently happening in his life, but the hilarity is that the novel is so hyperbolic compared to what is actually happening, his character Peter Swift is much cooler than he is, level headed, sexy and brave where he is not. The voice over reminds me of Magnum, P.I. but it is much more silly.

So of course Nina finds the book on his computer and reads it and storms out, mad that he is just using her to write a book and doesn't really care about her. He has to win her back by helping her find her parents, circus performers who've defected from Romania!

Clown high jinks!
"How do you say in Romanian, get lost, dickface?" -Tom Selleck

Ok, so this movie is very silly and ridiculous most of the time, but it was fun to watch. 

Her Alibi (1989) Rated PG
Recommended for: people who love Tom Selleck, people who like movies like Foul Play and Bird On A Wire, people who like cheesy 80s movies in general, People who like the hit TV shows Murder, She Wrote or Simon & Simon, people who like silly high jinks.