01 January 2015

January 1, 2015

Ok I try this every year and always loose steam fast, but here goes again. Gonna try and blog often. More like a journal than anything else. More for me than for you reading this right now, if anyone is, haha! :)

Today was a pretty relaxed day. Eli made me breakfast this morning, yum! Then we went to my Grandma Gorman's and I lent her the book Orphan Train, because I just recently finished it and thought she might like it. We also piled in a bunch of wood from the porch so she can make fires without having to go outside for wood. She has these boxes full of pinecones and scrap paper and other random things like sawdust and such that she uses to start the fires in her stove, kinda weird.

After that we went shopping for a few groceries (we were totally out of coffee!) and then came back home where Eli started gaming online with some friends, and I played Lord of the Rings Online while watching episodes of Friends, which just came out on Netflix. Yay! Really exciting considering the random gift we just got in the mail:

Central Perk coffee mug.

I also cleaned the kitchen and managed to overfill the coffee pot with water, which Eli had already done this morning before he noticed we were out of coffee and I not noticing that it was already full decided to fill it up and make a huge mess. That was good times.

So I made some quinoa in my rice cooker (hopefully that worked out, never done that before but the internet told me I could) and I think I'm gonna do this recipes for Honey-Lime Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potatoes for dinner. Hopefully it will be super tasty.

I'm currently listening to Sarah Silverman's audiobook, The Bedwetter which is pretty hilarious. Last year I had a goal to read (and/or listen to) 52 books, aka one a week, which of course I got behind on and only finished the year with 48, but that's still good, 48! I'm gonna shoot for 52 books again this year and see how I do.

Happy new year folks!


  1. I'm here! Keep on reading and writing and spilling and stacking and living and loving. You do so many beautiful things in a simple day!

    1. Thanks Kat! I've got some posts coming up soon that I've been working on, thanks for reading!


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