26 March 2014

Week 3 Day 2 of 10k Training

So today I did my workout today in my old running shoes. I didn't have any of that pain or tingly numbness that I've been having in my new shoes, but they were definitely not awesome, my toes felt crammed and they just definitely didn't have the support my new shoes have. I'm actually kind of bummed now though, because now I know that the foot pain has to do with my new shoes I'm going to have to get some new new ones, which is no bueno since I just spend a lot of money on those ones. Not sure how that's going to work out. :(

So pretty!

Overall though my workout went pretty well, I'm so thankful there was a break in the rain so that I could run without getting soaked! And I snapped some pics of some beautiful blooms over on May Street. I'm thinking I'm not quite as strong as I want to be at this stage in the training, so I might do this week over, or at least do one or two extra days of it before going on to week 4. We'll see how I feel after Friday's workout.

This is a Magnolia tree, right? (I'm such a garden noob!)

Distance: 2.25 Duration: 32:15

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