08 March 2014

Week 1 Day 3 of my 10k Training Plan

I feel like logging my training here on the blog will help me stay on track. We'll see if that actually works, haha! :)

Finished my Week 1, Day 3 workout of the 10k for Pink App. My goal is to run every other day till I finish this plan, not just 3 days a week. I don't think that is too crazy of a plan, but I definitely want to make sure I don't push myself too hard in the beginning and get an injury or something. Today I ran outside in my neighborhood, it was overcast but didn't rain, so that was nice. 45 degrees, so I wore a light fleece jacket with some long yoga pants, worked out just fine. A little tightness in the muscles on the side of my legs down near my ankles, little achyness in my left foot. Felt a little worn down during the middle of the workout, just past the 15 minute mark or so, but I felt like I got a second wind a few minutes later. Other than that felt pretty great! 

Post workout smiles!
Distance: 2.22 Duration: 31:30


  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Oh! I wanted to mention one of the things that has really keeps me on track has been using My Fitness Pal. How much I workout directly affects how many calories I get in a day. Not sure if that's dysfunctional, but it sure motivates me! lol.

    1. I'll check that one out, thanks! :)


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