24 March 2014

Shamrock Run

So the Shamrock Run was a week ago, and I'm just now getting around to posting about it.

Top row is before race, bottom row is after race.

I think it went pretty well, and I did as well as I hoped I would. It was pretty exciting, there were so many people there, and the good energy was palpable. I was feeling very excited before the race started. There are a few events, and the 5k was supposed to start at 9:20, so we started lining up near the starting line around 9. There were sooooo many people, at least the length of 3 city blocks, it was crazy.

Here's a shot towards the starting line (you can barely see it in the distance).
There was at least this many people behind us as well. 

One of the frustrating things for me especially at the beginning, was just how many people there were who were walking the whole thing. I thought I was in the running section, so I don't know if maybe I had it wrong or all these walkers had it wrong, but I was constantly having to bob and weave in between people walking and people with strollers, it was kind of annoying. Despite that I think I did pretty well, according to my running app my first mile was 12 minutes, which I was pleased with at this stage in my training. I ran the whole first mile, then walked a bit, then ran a bit, and so on for the rest, finishing with running the last half mile or so.

Here we are crossing the finish line.
I'm easy to spot in my purple jacket in the sea of green, lol!
My official finish time was 40:39. A few days after the race I was emailed a link to look at pictures from the race (the one of the finish line is from that). There was three pictures of me, and one of them was SOOOO hideous I couldn't help but laugh my face off at how ridiculous I looked, and hope that no one else sees it, lol. In my purple jacket I stick out so bad, mental note for next time, even if it's cold wear the race tshirt, because everyone else will be, lol! :)

Anyone else run or walk a 5k lately? I'm planning on doing a 10k in May or June, to keep me on target for the Hood to Coast. Still feeling a little bit insane for signing up for that, but you never get the chance to succeed unless you try, right? :)


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Congrats! GREAT job. I would have hated being in the middle of all those people, though. That's a little scary to me.

    1. Yeah, it was not ideal, for sure.


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