07 March 2014

New Shoes, New Shoes!

So, I got a new pair of running shoes this week. Pretty exciting considering my last pair was at least a few years old. The guy at the shoe store was like, you need to throw these away asap, lol. I've done two workouts on the new shoes, and so far they are feeling ok. I've had a bit of foot pain, especially in my right foot, but I've attributed that to my feet just not used to the shoes. One time I stopped and just retied my laces a little looser and that helped, I might have had them too tight. These are the shoes I got (although I bought them from a local shop). They are a little different that any running shoe I've had before but I like them. The tongue is attached on one side, so it doesn't slide around, which is nice, and they're super cushiony. I was bad and kind of slacked for a few weeks, so buying the shoes was kind of a motivator for me to get back on track, especially since I've mailed in my check for the Hood to Coast, so that makes it official! I'm so nervous I won't be ready in time, but the way I see it, you'll never know unless you try. I kind of want to give up before even trying, everything, all the time, even stuff I WANT to do. I'm really working hard to NOT do that. I may be way out of my prime, but I CAN DO THIS! WOOHOO! HRV-KSB! :)

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