25 March 2014

Back in the running shoes again

(Sing that to the back in the saddle again tune, hehe)

Ran Week 3 Day 1 of my 10k training yesterday after taking a week off, and boy did I feel it. I'm now starting to wonder if maybe my new shoes just do not have the cushion that I need, because my feet are still hurting once I get to around 1.5 miles. Gonna try my old shoes out tomorrow, and see what difference I notice, although I'm not sure that is a good comparison since they are so old, but I don't remember having this issue when I was wearing those, so we'll see.

My quote of the day. Source: Unknown (it's all over the internet)

I'm also thinking I really need to do some cross training on my non run days to help me get in better shape and to keep my energy and motivation up. Anyone have any good ideas? I don't have a bike or a gym membership, so I feel a bit limited. Maybe some yoga or cardio videos?

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