26 March 2014

Week 3 Day 2 of 10k Training

So today I did my workout today in my old running shoes. I didn't have any of that pain or tingly numbness that I've been having in my new shoes, but they were definitely not awesome, my toes felt crammed and they just definitely didn't have the support my new shoes have. I'm actually kind of bummed now though, because now I know that the foot pain has to do with my new shoes I'm going to have to get some new new ones, which is no bueno since I just spend a lot of money on those ones. Not sure how that's going to work out. :(

So pretty!

Overall though my workout went pretty well, I'm so thankful there was a break in the rain so that I could run without getting soaked! And I snapped some pics of some beautiful blooms over on May Street. I'm thinking I'm not quite as strong as I want to be at this stage in the training, so I might do this week over, or at least do one or two extra days of it before going on to week 4. We'll see how I feel after Friday's workout.

This is a Magnolia tree, right? (I'm such a garden noob!)

Distance: 2.25 Duration: 32:15

25 March 2014

Back in the running shoes again

(Sing that to the back in the saddle again tune, hehe)

Ran Week 3 Day 1 of my 10k training yesterday after taking a week off, and boy did I feel it. I'm now starting to wonder if maybe my new shoes just do not have the cushion that I need, because my feet are still hurting once I get to around 1.5 miles. Gonna try my old shoes out tomorrow, and see what difference I notice, although I'm not sure that is a good comparison since they are so old, but I don't remember having this issue when I was wearing those, so we'll see.

My quote of the day. Source: Unknown (it's all over the internet)

I'm also thinking I really need to do some cross training on my non run days to help me get in better shape and to keep my energy and motivation up. Anyone have any good ideas? I don't have a bike or a gym membership, so I feel a bit limited. Maybe some yoga or cardio videos?

24 March 2014

Shamrock Run

So the Shamrock Run was a week ago, and I'm just now getting around to posting about it.

Top row is before race, bottom row is after race.

I think it went pretty well, and I did as well as I hoped I would. It was pretty exciting, there were so many people there, and the good energy was palpable. I was feeling very excited before the race started. There are a few events, and the 5k was supposed to start at 9:20, so we started lining up near the starting line around 9. There were sooooo many people, at least the length of 3 city blocks, it was crazy.

Here's a shot towards the starting line (you can barely see it in the distance).
There was at least this many people behind us as well. 

One of the frustrating things for me especially at the beginning, was just how many people there were who were walking the whole thing. I thought I was in the running section, so I don't know if maybe I had it wrong or all these walkers had it wrong, but I was constantly having to bob and weave in between people walking and people with strollers, it was kind of annoying. Despite that I think I did pretty well, according to my running app my first mile was 12 minutes, which I was pleased with at this stage in my training. I ran the whole first mile, then walked a bit, then ran a bit, and so on for the rest, finishing with running the last half mile or so.

Here we are crossing the finish line.
I'm easy to spot in my purple jacket in the sea of green, lol!
My official finish time was 40:39. A few days after the race I was emailed a link to look at pictures from the race (the one of the finish line is from that). There was three pictures of me, and one of them was SOOOO hideous I couldn't help but laugh my face off at how ridiculous I looked, and hope that no one else sees it, lol. In my purple jacket I stick out so bad, mental note for next time, even if it's cold wear the race tshirt, because everyone else will be, lol! :)

Anyone else run or walk a 5k lately? I'm planning on doing a 10k in May or June, to keep me on target for the Hood to Coast. Still feeling a little bit insane for signing up for that, but you never get the chance to succeed unless you try, right? :)

10 March 2014

Monday, Monday

Today's workout was a bit of a challenge. I did not want to do it. I felt blah and unmotivated all day at work too. I knew that if I didn't go out for my walk/run right when I got home that I probably wouldn't, plus it looked like it was going to rain, which I wasn't looking forward to getting soaking wet. BUT I rallied myself (with some help from my hubs, he's trying to be motivational) and went out and did it!

It started out kind of annoying because there was something wrong with my gps map app and suddenly it thought I'd gone the distance of a mile in like 8 minutes, which, maybe back when I was 10 years younger wouldn't be that surprising, but I knew there is something wrong, lol! So I had to restart it to get a more accurate portrayal of my run. I know its not necessary but I like that I can go back over and look at the stats and see how I was doing at any given point during my workout.

Felt a little bit of an upset tummy, probably shouldn't have had that snack at 4pm, and half way through I retied my shoes because I was having some aching in my feet again. Seemed to help to retie my shoes, although my left foot still kind of bothered me the rest of the workout. On the plus side, it sort of sprinkled but didn't really all out rain, and I saw a rainbow! Glad I didn't give up but I hope my walk/run on Wednesday goes better! :)

 Distance: 2.34 miles Duration: 32 minutes

Look closely in the middle and you can see the rainbow,
it looked a lot cooler in real life of course, lol. :)

08 March 2014

Week 1 Day 3 of my 10k Training Plan

I feel like logging my training here on the blog will help me stay on track. We'll see if that actually works, haha! :)

Finished my Week 1, Day 3 workout of the 10k for Pink App. My goal is to run every other day till I finish this plan, not just 3 days a week. I don't think that is too crazy of a plan, but I definitely want to make sure I don't push myself too hard in the beginning and get an injury or something. Today I ran outside in my neighborhood, it was overcast but didn't rain, so that was nice. 45 degrees, so I wore a light fleece jacket with some long yoga pants, worked out just fine. A little tightness in the muscles on the side of my legs down near my ankles, little achyness in my left foot. Felt a little worn down during the middle of the workout, just past the 15 minute mark or so, but I felt like I got a second wind a few minutes later. Other than that felt pretty great! 

Post workout smiles!
Distance: 2.22 Duration: 31:30

07 March 2014

New Shoes, New Shoes!

So, I got a new pair of running shoes this week. Pretty exciting considering my last pair was at least a few years old. The guy at the shoe store was like, you need to throw these away asap, lol. I've done two workouts on the new shoes, and so far they are feeling ok. I've had a bit of foot pain, especially in my right foot, but I've attributed that to my feet just not used to the shoes. One time I stopped and just retied my laces a little looser and that helped, I might have had them too tight. These are the shoes I got (although I bought them from a local shop). They are a little different that any running shoe I've had before but I like them. The tongue is attached on one side, so it doesn't slide around, which is nice, and they're super cushiony. I was bad and kind of slacked for a few weeks, so buying the shoes was kind of a motivator for me to get back on track, especially since I've mailed in my check for the Hood to Coast, so that makes it official! I'm so nervous I won't be ready in time, but the way I see it, you'll never know unless you try. I kind of want to give up before even trying, everything, all the time, even stuff I WANT to do. I'm really working hard to NOT do that. I may be way out of my prime, but I CAN DO THIS! WOOHOO! HRV-KSB! :)