03 January 2014

Happy birthday JRR Tolkien! I should have planned to do something fun in honor of the professor, but instead I am going to watch The Incredible Hulk tonight with Eli and Brian. We've decided to watch through all the Marvel Avenger movies and the ones with story lines that tie into them.

Happy birthday!

I've been feeling a bit yucky so I've been drinking tons of water and tea (not that I'm not usually drinking tons of water and tea, haha) and taking lots of vitamin C and Zinc. I'm really hoping this sore throat and achy-ness that I have doesn't turn into a full blown sickness because I have a big weekend in Portland planned. Seems like a lot of people have been sick lately, E was really sick around Christmas and is still getting over it. I was feeling pretty yucky last weekend but was able to stave off most of it although now that a sore throat is back so I'm not sure if the worst of it is behind me yet.

Yesterday was nice! I had a good, productive day at work and then went home for a big salad and some left over soup for dinner, and Gilmore Girls on the sofa with Scully and E. Oh, and I finished my library book finally, which is good, since it was due on Dec 7th and I couldn't renew it since I'd already renewed it 3 times, lol!

Salad with a little bit of olive oil, white wine vinegar and some spices for dressing.

One of my resolutions this year is to read more, so that should not happen again! :) The book was The Trouble with Magic, by Madeline Alt. It's the first book in a cozy mystery series about a girl who has empathic super powers, who can hear the voices of the dead, and helps solve mysteries! There are eight books in this series but I've only read 3 of them, and out of order at that. The first one I found was the 4th, and then I read the 6th, and then the 1st, ha ha! They are not super crucial to read in order, so it wasn't a big deal. They are super light but fun reads.

This is Scully's "why are you taking my picture" face.

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