14 October 2013

Weekly Meal Plan

Below you'll find my meal plan for the week. This time I've got E on board which should make it more successful! Woohoo! Basically we're doing this to be healthier, and save money. So far I just have lunch and dinner for the week days planned out this week. We'll see how that goes and what happens for the weekend, maybe it'll be mostly leftovers? For breakfast my plan is oats with a little almond milk, banana and a bit of almond butter. Apples for snacks (I'm swimming in apples over here, lol). Just had the Carrot Apple Ginger Soup and quinoa for lunch, it was so good! 

Basically right now we are trying to cut out dairy and gluten and processed sugar, so eating mostly veggies and nuts and fruits and non-gluten grains. 

There are so many great websites out there with recipe ideas, I've added the links at the bottom to the pages I used this week. :)

Lunch Carrot Apple Ginger Soup, quinoa, hand full of almonds, fruit
Dinner Lentil Soup, side salad, gf bread

Lunch Avo-Lime Black Bean Salad, banana, nut butter, bread
Dinner Black Bean & Quinoa Burgers 

Lunch Carrot Apple Ginger Soup (left over from Monday), quinoa, hand full of almonds, fruit
Dinner, Lentil Soup (left over from Monday), side salad, gf bread

Lunch Avo-Lime Black Bean Salad (left over from Tuesday), banana, nut butter, bread
Dinner Apple Cranberry Stuffed Squash and creamed kale

Lunch Protein Packed Pita, hand full of almonds, fruit, veggies
Dinner Out for Dinner with the Grandparents for our Anniversary


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