24 March 2013


Meyer Lemons.

I just ate the best salad ever! If you're a lemon fan, and how could you not be, this will be your new favorite salad dressing, it's called Lebanese Lemon Salad Dressing and I found it on allrecipes.com. I made it with a Meyer lemon and just eyeballed the rest of the ingredients for a smaller batch, put it all in a jar and shook it up, so easy and so delish! So much better than those commercial salad dressings with all those ingredients you can't pronounce in them! I had it on a salad of greens, chickpeas, tomatoes, tuna with a sprinkling of pecan pieces. It was amazing!

If you are looking for more lemon recipes check out my Lemon! board on Pinterest, I've got links to tons of great lemony recipes! :)

04 March 2013

Bowl For Kids Sake

Hi folks! I have joined the Next Door Inc.'s team for the Bowling For Kids' Sake fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. We are calling ourselves the Klahre House Pitbulls, aka the Annabelle's, killing you with love!

Please consider helping to sponsor our team to help this program continue it's dedication to "improving the lives of children by creating mentoring relationships." Littles and their Big matches spend 8-10 hours a month doing things they enjoy, like fishing or baking. Based on research, Littles in these matches are less likely to begin using illegal drugs or alcohol, less likely to skip school, and less likely to hit someone. There is no cost to the Littles or their families to participate but there are costs to keep the program running successfully.

You can make the most impact by giving a cash or check donation to me directly or mail it to me at work (Klahre House c/oCamille Jones 965 Tucker Rd. Hood River 97031). You can also make a contribution online with your credit card or Paypal by clicking the link below:


Enter the pledge amount. Under designation, type in "Bowling for Kids' Sake". Under Dedication, type in my name. Follow the directions to complete transaction.

Let me know if you're willing and able to pledge and how much and I will add you to my list. Also let me know if you want an invoice and one will be sent to you after the event.

And come down and hang out with us while we bowl on Saturday, March 9th at 1pm. We'll be in the tie-died Klahre House t-shirts!