11 October 2012

It's Ten Eleven Twelve!

Fall leaves, October 2010.

That fall crispness is in the air! Makes me want to bake something yummy and curl up on the couch with some hot cocoa and watch When Harry Met Sally. Or go for a lovely walk and take pictures of the fall foliage. Or go to a farm stand and buy some apples and look at cute farm animals. Oh fall, you are my favorite! I'm so jealous my brother AND my sister both have birthdays this month. My brother yesterday, and my sister tomorrow. Born two years and two days apart. Ha! :)

Last weekend I spent some time organizing photos and files on my computer. My what a mess that can be! Hopefully I'll get that all straightened up, and add some new pics to my flickr. For now enjoy a few pics from Falls past. :)

Apple, October 2011.

Fall leaves, October 2010.

Apples, October 2011.
Fall leaves, October 2011.

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