17 September 2012

Weekend Instagram Shots

Here are a few of my instagram shots from the weekend. It was beautiful! The first shot is from the 26 near Hillsboro. The sunset Friday night was amazing, This picture doesn't even do it justice. The rest of the shots are from Cannon Beach. It was a lovely weekend. I'll post again later this week with some shots from my dslr. :) Anyone else do anything lovely over the weekend?

Sunset, September 2012

Cannon Beach, September 2012

Rock & Water, September 2012

Starfish, September 2012

Haystack Rock, September 2012

Happy Monday everyone!

14 September 2012

Going to the Ocean

Haystack Rock, May 2012
Going to the Ocean this weekend. Excited to take some photos, hopefully I will have some material to enter in the Words to Shoot By call for entries. If you don't already follow that blog you should, its pretty great.

12 September 2012

Still summertime

Yellow Flower
It's been such a lovely summer, and while it's been getting colder at night the past few days, it's still been nice and warm during the day. I'm going to soak it up (metaphorically speaking of course, I don't literally soak up sun with this pale skin of mine, hehe) while it's still here!

This has really been a summer full of fresh food, it's been so wonderful to have access to friends with gardens, haha! I do hope that next summer I will have a garden of my own. Canned some tomatoes earlier this week and will be freezing some peaches later. Can't wait for pears and apples to be in season, which always seems to signal my very favorite season, fall! I think the pears are already being harvested around the valley, yay! That means apples aren't too far behind!

Happy late summer folks, hope you're still enjoying some lovely weather!