03 April 2012

On microwaved coffee and watching TV at the grandparent's house

I was just struck with a memory of my Grandpa Gorman today while microwaving my coffee in the break room at work. Don't judge me, it's been a long week! This might seem strange to many of you who know me as a bit of a coffee snob, and a "I don't own a microwave" snob, but hey, desperate times dude. :) On to the real subject matter...

When we were kids, my brother, sister and I would spend time hanging out down at Grandma and Grandpa Gorman's house. Usually "hanging out" involved helping them with fun chores like yard work or stacking firewood for a few dollars so we could run up the street to High School Pharmacy to buy some candy or gum, but sometimes we got to just relax and watch tv, which was awesome because they had cable something we didn't have at home, nor would our dad ever let us sit around all day just watching TV, so it was definitely a treat. The other bonus was that my grandma had a VCR, and boy did she know how to use it! She would record shows all day long, and if you had a favorite she would make you a tape just full of hours of your favorite movies or shows. When we were young it was all about John Wayne, Fred Astaire and Shirley Temple movies, oh,  and my brother went through a big Three Stooges phase too, it was fun times.

When we were a little bit older it was all about things like, the Simpsons and MTV, things we were DEFINITELY not allowed to watch but could get away with at the grandparents house. I particularly remember one summer when No Doubt's song Spiderweb was on heavy rotation, as well as that Soundgarden video for Black Hole Sun with the barbeque'd Barie doll which both fascinated and disturbed me at the same time. Watching TV at Grandma's house was also where I first discovered MST3K, and fell in love with bad movies.

While we'd be piled up on the bed in my grandma's room watching TV (and boy was that amazing that they not only had cable but TWO TVs!) my Grandpa would watch TV in the living room, sitting in his easy chair with a mug of coffee. Of course, he was more into watching things like reruns of Lonesome Dove or some other western (although if you know my brother & sister & I well you'd know that we weren't adverse to watching westerns either, we're big fans). It was always slightly annoying to watch TV with him though, because he watched it with the volume practically maxed out, due to the fact that he couldn't hear all that well.

So the volume blasting, sitting in his easy chair, drinking his mug of coffee, every once in a while he'd yell to us kids in the other room to go heat up his coffee for him. He drank his coffee at home instant, black, and most importantly SUPER DUPER hot, so when it got to cooling down he would send one of us grandkids into the kitchen to microwave it for 90 seconds and carry it back to him in the living room, which was always pretty tricky because it would be super hot and you had to be careful not to burn your fingers on it while it seemingly TRIED to splash out and land on your skin. And you'd hand him this steaming cup of coffee and he'd say thank you and start sipping it right away.

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