22 December 2011

2011 in Music



So my bffs from way back, Alex and Nick (aka Mayhaw) have a new band (with 2 other cool kids, Colin & Maren). They are called the Spookies (pictured above) and they are totally awesomesauce. Check out their demos on bandcamp by clicking here. They played a super awesome show at the Know last weekend, with the Woolen Men and Paper Brain (who both were also good! click the links to their facebook pages). I had the privilege of taking photos for the Spookies at the show, which was really fun! I'll hopefully be uploading them all to flickr here at some point.

Other than that I haven't listened to all that much new music this year, so my top 5 list is more like a top 3. Woops. Is this what happens when you turn 30? You stop listening to new music, and forever listen to what you listened to in your 20s? Maybe, but whatevs. :) Here are the three albums that came out in 2011 that I managed to get into. No new bands here, just some old favorites with new albums. Pretty good stuff. Click on the links to go to the bands websites. :)