14 September 2011

I believe it all

I've been busy! Trying not to stress. I can do it! Posted a new pic to http://camillelorainephotography.wordpress.com/ go there to see it. I'll be posting another one next week, for realz, it's already in the pipeline! :) So how cute is this Regina Spektor video? Animated by a fan I believe. Birds are pretty cute. I know it's the cool thing to say, but it's true. :)

Cute plant.

Someone was watering this plant in the "lunch room" today. I put "lunch room" in quotes because it's really not a room, its very tiny, and you can't lunch in there. You can store your lunch in there though. Fridge. Anyway, back to this cute plant. It is cute, isn't it? I totally wanted to steal it. But obviously I didn't. I don't steal. This picture does not even show you how cute it is, it looks like a mini tree, and the trunk is like, braided. Very cute.

Cute mug.

Also cute, this snowman mug. It's so silly, but I like that snowman smile. I keep thinking of bringing in my own super duper mug into the office, because I have so many, I love a good mug. The ones here in the office are so random! I really like the idea of drinking out of a snowman mug in the summer. It probably gets neglected by most people except for during the month of December. Sad snowman.

I've got some really great photos I want to share here soon, from a trip out into the country a few weeks back. I need to get a roll of film developed first. That could take a while, knowing my track record with film development... but I will try to do it soon!

Hope you all are having a good week!

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  1. Anonymous7:48 PM

    A trip to the country? Sounds glorious...seen your comment on EMW and thought it was so well-said. It makes me question all those people that do spend hours and hours writing...of course many of them that are fortunate can do it full-time without other jobs. And I guess there are people all over the world doing jobs for 50, 60 or 80 hours a week just to make ends meet. Tough call...

    But it does make me feel extremely grateful to those Authors who produce such great material - for giving up a little of that living to share their imaginations...


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