04 May 2011


Yup. That's right. I'm thirty, have been for like, almost two weeks now. Thirtysomething. Just like the hit tv show. I vaguely remember my mom watched this show when I was a kid. It was on from 87-91. They have it now on netflix instant view, and I gotta say, it's pretty good. I've only watched the season so far, but I totes recommend it. Especially to all you thirtysomethings out there.

Back to turning thirty. So basically I had a lot of anxiety about it. I mean, I feel really behind in life, there's a lot I wanted to have accomplished by this point in my life that I haven't. Big major life things. Financial stability. Career. Babies. I've not got those things. But you know what I do have? A wonderful husband. Fabulous friends. A cute dog. Those things help make the fact that I don't have the other things figured out yet seem not so bad. And frankly, what's the rush, right? I mean, if you spend your whole life working on the next big thing, are you really enjoying the moment? But it's still good to have goals, especially for us list maker type folks.

With that in mind, I'd like to revisit my new years goals, and add a few new ones, what I like to call my 30th year of life goals.

New years goals:
1. Try to get rid of some books. Before I become a hoarder and die in a pile of my own making. In fact just try to get rid of a lot of stuff. Too much stuff!
This one we've done pretty good on, but there are still a lot of things to get rid of, especially if we get a roommate, which we are considering because it would be a lot more financially prudent. 

2. Read more. I only FINISHED 9 books this year, according to Good Reads. And one of them was a comic book. Shameful! Of course I started and put down like, at least 10 books. Which leads me to number 3...
Well, I haven't been as good on this one so far, I mean, I've only read 5 books so far this year, and 2 of those are cookbooks, so they almost don't even count. Must continue to read more!!

3. FINISH WHAT YOU START! I have a problem.
Haven't really started too many new things, but still something that needs work.

4. Write more, blog more. In 2008 I wrote 333 blog posts on this here blog. That is amazing, that's like, almost one per day! I want to beat that record.
Also something that still needs work. Although I've been pretty constant about posting roughly once a week, which is something.

5. Go to social gatherings. I have a weird problem with social anxiety. I will skip going to events, even when I know it will just be a group of good friends and people I really like! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I've got to work on this, or I will have no friends left. 
This one I have definately been better about, but like everything I could still do better. I skipped out on a dinner party last night, but for good reason, I've been super sick! Although I still felt super bad about missing it.

6. Yoga run workout loose weight, take my dog for lots of hikes and walks, the usual get fit stuff.
I have not been doing good at this yet, but now that the weather is nicer, and since I'm participating in Jasmine's Couch to 5k club I should be jumping right in to the get fit stuff. Especially since Eli has agreed to run with me! :) We are planning on doing our first run tonight.

7. Paint more. My grandma gave me some painting tools for Christmas, which reminded me that hey! I used to paint. I need to do that again. 
Well, fail on this one. I've done 3 pieces of art all year, but actually, that's something, right? I participated in Trisha's March Postcard art exchange (which you can see here), but I majorly failed to finish (or even start) the one for April. Must work more on that.
8. Get more photography work. Which means finish website, work on a flyer, new business card, take free photos to build portfolio, etc.
Another fail, but really, I don't feel so bad about this one. Photography has always been something fun for me, and if I make it more of a job I don't know that I will enjoy it as much, which to me is just not worth it.

9. Save money, make more money, don't get more debt, etc. I am going to be 30 soon. When do I start bringin' home the big bucks y'all?

Well, no big bucks yet, but we are always trying on this one. Going to have to try even harder though, I really want to get a nice amount of savings saved up for the times when we really need it.

10. Don't waste so much time doing NOTHING on the computer, ie wasting time on the Internet or playing the Sims 3 and/or Lord of the Rings Online too much. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to stop doing these things. Just don't do them as much. Especially just sitting on the Internet, doing nothing but checking facebook, googling pictures of Ryan Gosling, looking up weird things on Wikipedia and checking Oregonlive.com for Kyron Horman updates. I really need to stop doing that. Such a time sink. Or sync?
I definitely feel I've been better about this, but like everything else, always room for more improvement. 

Ok so now for my 30th year of life goals.
  • Eat breakfast everyday, plan weekly meals better
  • Shop more at farmers markets this season
  • Keep a cleaner house
  • Spend more time in the outdoors
  • Visit family more
  • Work on creative projects
  • Travel
  • Read more
So as you can see, some of these are similar to my new years goals, but they are more focused on doing things that make me happy, cuz really, what I've been thinking about lately is mainly to try and be more positive and focused on the good things and not what I don't have yet, because it's all about perspective!

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.
- Groucho Marx


  1. I love this update, sweetpea. I think you're too hard on yourself in some ways, but I love that you're keeping yourself accountable. Nice.

  2. Thanks Gloria. I am trying to not be hard on myself, I hope that I don't come across that way, I want to be pleasant and happy! :)


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