25 May 2011

I went to Canon Beach on my day off last week, and it was super fun! I've been super duper busy with work lately, and it looks like I'm getting busier all the time! On one hand, this is good, because busy with work = more money to pay bills, but on the other hand it means less lounge about time, and you all know how I love to lounge about! It's when I get my creative work done!

Anyway this week I have two blogs I want to share with you guys that I'm digging lately, I don't think I've shared them before but if I have well then check them out again!

1. Tomboy Style This blog is all about tomboys! It's really rad. Full of cool photos of tomboy style icons and cool ideas for hip things in the tomboy way. Check it out!

2. Rides A Bike This blog, it's actually a tumblr, what's the diff between that and a blog? Not much? Anyway this is all pictures of movie stars riding bikes! Mostly movie stars form the past. It is very cool! Check it out!

Also, you might notice a few random blog posts show up if you subscribe to this blog in a feedreader. I've decided to just combine my food blog with this blog, since I don't regularly enough post there, at least not at this time. This way I can just have the one blog to upkeep, should be fun and awesome! Good times!

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  1. I love love love that butterfly/shell image. Beautiful images as always!


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