08 April 2011

stream of consciousness and a scully pic

The weekend is almost here! I'm ecstatic because last weekend was only one day. This weekend is gonna be busy though! I have a lot to prepare for my friend Shawna's Baby Shower on Sunday. I got this idea to have a photobooth, and I need to have a bunch of fun silly props for funtime photos, and batteries charged and cards emptied, then I still need to finish crocheting a certain baby item I should have finished a long time ago then I gotta make a casserole and I still haven't decided on a recipe from one of my million old cookbooks. BUT the good news is that I'm super excited about all this stuff, especially the shower itself! So despite my continual desire to always do nothing on the weekends, I figure it's cool to be busy when you have cool stuff to be busy with, right? Although I also need to do a lot of housekeeping, our place has gone to the dogs, or a dog rather. But it's not entirely her fault, she has two lazy pet owners who can barely manage to clean the place up once a week. I mean, who is she learning it from, right? :)

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  1. Have an outstanding weekend. Sounds tremendous.


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