19 April 2011

Good week

Eli being eclipsed by the sun.

Scully looking into the sun.

Scully doing what she does best, chew!
The sun is back!

We had a lovely day yesterday after getting off of work. Opened all the blinds in the house so the sun was streaming in. We also enjoyed hanging out on the porch with the pup. I got some nice pictures in the light of Eli and Scully. Even took some with my konica, hopefully I'll get that roll developed soon!

Then we had a really yummy dinner, Spaghetti with homemade Tuna Puttanesca Sauce (recipe from How to Cook Everything), sooo yummy! While we were cooking we watched a bit of Rick Steve's Europe. It was the best of Northern Ireland episode, gave me the travel bug for sure! It was a good start to the week, which will hopefully go by really fast since Friday is my birthday! Yay! :)

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