06 March 2011

Cute overload

Crocheted hat for Baby Lewallen

Went to my dear friend Leah's baby shower today. Basically picked up baby fever. Must have baby asap!

I made this cute baby hat. I was up til after 1 am finishing it last night. Yup. That's what you get for procrastinating. I can't help it though. I hate to sew in my ends!!

I also went to my cousin's wedding today. My cousin was so beautiful I nearly (ok, definitely) burst into tears the second I saw her walk down the isle. I am such a dang softy! She was so pretty though. Like a movie star. :)

Now I'm trying to fall asleep but I can hear the neighbor downstairs snoring. Kinda weird. I should turn on some Magnum PI asap to drowned out the annoying noise!

Busy weekend!!

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