18 March 2011

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Wow, just realized I passed 600 blog posts recently on this blog. That's something I guess. I went back over and read some posts from a long time ago (ha, like 2005 was so long ago!). Man, I used to swear a lot, lol! What a foulmouthed One-hour-TV-Drama watcher I was. Not that I'm all done with the swearing (sorry Mom!) but I've definitely curbed it on the internets. It's like, hey, my grandmother is on face book now man, I don't need her seeing me swear in print. I know Alex Arrowsmith still has some of our old blog posts from the geocities days. I figure, we started that in 2003 maybe? What do you say Alex? At any rate I figure I've been blogging for around eight years. Eight years! That's nuts.

In other blog news I keep thinking about how to handle all these different factions of my life in the blog world, I've got the wordpress one I started just for my photography, but let it be know I kinda hate wordpress, so clunky and annoying! Blogger is so much more user friendly, and I think you can really accomplish the same things in either one (especially lately, blogger has really stepped it up!), so yeah, I might as well stay here with this blog. And then there's my food blog, which I don't update as often as I would like even though I photograph almost everything Eli & I cook/eat, but I like that that blog has a focus, where as this blog has been and will probably always been random and completely lacking in direction.

Meh, what can you do? Should I just have one blog/site where everything, personal and professional collide? Or should I keep things in their own little corners, like how I sort of have it now? Who knows. I like posting photography here, day to day type stuff, and I want to just keep that wordpress one for like, showing to perspective clients, when and if I actually get it profess enough looking where it would actually get me a client as apposed to turning them away at my lack of webmastery.

IN OTHER NEWS... I got the latest Chelsea Cain novel today, the Night Season, Eli picked it up at Powells for me. I can't friggin' wait to read it! I love Chelsea Cain. I want to be her (or like her rather) when I grow up. Is it too late? NO! 'It's never too late to be what you might have been.' as George Elliot said. Anyway the Night Season is the forth installment in the Archy Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell series of serial-killer fiction set in Portland. If you like mystery/scary/dark humor stuff you will like these books. Especially the first one, it's dynamite! You'll read it in like one day, I swear. Gonna have to put all my other books on the shelf for now (according to goodreads I'm currently reading 6! Woops!).

Ok, so if I was casting a movie for these books, here's who I want. Charlize Theron for Gretchen, Jena Malone for Susan, and Michael Chiklis for Henry, and maybe Ed Norton for Archy. Still not 100% on that one though, I mean, it's Archy. It's hard to find someone that would be perfect for that roll. I think Ed could do it, but I maybe want someone a little more, I don't know, different? Maybe Christian Bale could pull it off too, he seems to be so method with his acting, I mean did you see the Machinist? The dude looked like a skeleton! I don't know, I still am not sure. I almost kinda want John Cuscak for it, although I don't know that he could go that real, ya know?

Anyway that's about as far as I've gotten in the casting, other roles in my imaginary adaptation are still up for grabs. Although I did hear a rumor somewhere that they were thinking of doing a movie with January Jones as Gretchen. I could get behind that too, although I think Charlize would be perfect.

Ok, so that's about it from me for now. I would have photos in this post except that there is something going on with flickr, it won't let me log in! Grr! I need pretty pictures! Oh well. Do some reading. It'll be good for ya. :)

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