10 February 2011

Tidbits or, Things of Interest to me this week.

Tidbits or, Things of Interest to me this week.
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  • This morning my friend Nick called just to chat. It was nice. We talked about old tv shows that we like and how cool the Real Life Gidget was. I told him about this neat-o vid I saw of Alain Gree drawing a happy picture. I recommend everyone should call a friend for no reason but to chat, you will make your friend so happy. Try it out on one of your friends today!

Outside today it is sunny and cool.

  • I have been reading the Tolkien Reader, listening to the Tolkien Professor Podcast, and playing a lot of Lord of the Rings Online. Basically I've been back on a Tolkien kick, and it has been marvelous. I would be reading Anne of Green Gables right now, but I can't find it. I must have left it somewhere. If you see it, let me know, OK?

  • I've signed up for this website Sparkpeople. It's pretty neat for tracking nutrition, fitness, dieting, etc, and best of all it's free! I figure it might help with my whole get fit new years resolution thingy.

Today's lunch, approx. 590 calories.

  • My friend Jody texted me this photo of her latte today. She knows about my love for lattes, art, and latte art. This latte is from of 10 Speed Coffee. I wish I was drinking a latte right now, but Earl Grey tea is OK too.

Yummy latte.

What are your interests this week friends?


  1. Ryan and I let our cable go on Monday, so we've been finding new ways to spend our time. We've been listening to Shawshank Redemption on audio, playing games on sporcle.com, and reading.

    Those are basically my interests this week. That picture is really pretty. Glad you're getting some lovely weather! Keep it sunny for me, okay? :)

  2. I'll do my best to keep it sunny. No promises though, Oregon is fickle. Fickle is a fun word, isn't it? :)

  3. sparkpeople rules! alyssa and i are both on there. alyssa is rulin it...me, not so much! but it's an awesome site!

  4. Al we should totes be sparkfriends or whatever the heck they're called. Look me up yo, Cleartrampoline of course! :)

  5. If you want to see some fun words, check out this word nerd quiz on The Pioneer Woman's blog that I did last night. Fun, but seriously HARD! http://thepioneerwoman.com/homeschooling/2011/02/word-nerd-quiz-enter-now-6/

  6. Her quizzes are always hard! Even when I think I'm like an expert in the chosen topic I still never get them all right!

  7. My interests this week are the same as always: pro-wrestling and Elvis Costello. How would my grandpa put it? Same shit, different day.


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