04 January 2011

5 blogs

Mt. Hood from Booth hill, October 2010.

I thought I'd make a little list of some of the blogs I've been into lately.
Maybe you'll discover a new favorite?

Cannelle et Vanille
This blog is what I aspire to do with my blog Clearly Tasty. It has such beautiful photos, clean design, and nice writing, and the recipes are so fresh, full of good things, real food, the kind of food I love. I really can't tell you enough how much I love this blog.

Eat Move Write
This blog is great. It runs the gamut from easy everyday-style recipes, books and writing, inspirational, relationships, life and everything in between. I really like it because it's very accessible and it is so down to earth it's refreshing. It's cool to see how it has evolved and grown since I started reading it, and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Go Fug Yourself
Does this count as a blog? I think so. Basically this is a couple of gals writing about crazy Hollywood fashion, and they are friggin' hilarious. Kindred spirits. We must be close to the same age because all there jokes are hilarious and there references are spot on. If you are like me, and you probably are since you are reading this, do yourself a favor and read this site for some laughs.

Meet Me At Mikes
This blog is so great. Crafty and retro and fun and lighthearted and nice. I really like how the gal who does this blog is so upbeat, and not in a fake way. It makes me smile all the time, and she links to music a lot, I have discovered some real favorites because of her.

Lovely Undergrad
This blog is written by a college student, and she posts mostly about interior design type stuff, like good ideas for your dorm room or small apartment. While I'm not in college anymore I find her ideas still really useful, and she always links to pretty pictures, and you all know how much I love pretty pictures. She also blogs a bit about fashion and other college type stuff. It is enjoyable.

What are some of your current fav blogs?


  1. Thanks for that kind shout out. :) It's cool to see how people describe my blog. It's been such an evolving process for me that sometimes I can't see. Too many trees, so to speak.

    I'm opened Go Fug Yourself and Meet Me at Mikes in different windows and I'm about to check them out. Thanks!

  2. Cool, I hope you enjoy them! Also, re-reading this post I realized I used "there" instead of "they're" ugh! the horror!

  3. Edit, it should be "their". Dang I fell off the grammar wagon today!

  4. Trust me. It happens. :)
    I used to be much more of a stickler than I currently am. I write thousands of words every day. It would take me an outrageous number of hours to finetooth my work. I try (that's my word and I'm sticking to it!). :p


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