30 December 2010

It's good to have goals.

Scully dog.

Do you ever remember something or someone from long ago, only to realize moments later that it is not a real memory but something or someone from a movie or a tv show you used to watch? This has happened to me so many times I can't even tell you. The other day I was trying to remember the name of this professor from college, and realized I was thinking of one of Joey Potter's professors from Dawson's Creek! I tell you what, I was filled with laughter and shame all at the same time.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, wait, were we? Oh, I guess I just mentioned Dawson's Creek. Anyway I love guilty pleasures. Remember when Dawson's Creek was awesome and the biggest crisis in life was that the dude you had a crush on might know that you had a crush on him and oh boy wouldn't that be embarrassing? Anyway Dawson's Creek really did not stand the test of time. I should know, I have the whole series on DVD. The first few seasons are fun to watch, kind of cheesy but in that good way. The last few, not so much. I still can't even bring myself to watch that last season again.

But I have that problem a lot, even with good things. I don't want them to be over. I really hated watching the last episode of LOST even though I couldn't wait to watch it, but I just didn't want it to be over! I was the same way with the final Dark Tower book. I put it down for months, refusing to let it be over. This applies with everything in life too. I lament college being over, I lament Sydney's Cafe and Elliot Glacier pub being closed... I don't want to let anything go!

Something to work on for the new year I suppose. For some reason I really love making New Year's Resolutions. I am utter failure at follow through, but it's fun to make them. Must be the list maker in me. Here 's my top ten list:

1. Try to get rid of some books. Before I become a hoarder and die in a pile of my own making. In fact just try to get rid of a lot of stuff. Too much stuff!
2. Read more. I only FINISHED 9 books this year, according to Good Reads. And one of them was a comic book. Shameful! Of course I started and put down like, at least 10 books. Which leads me to number 3...
3. FINISH WHAT YOU START! I have a problem.
4. Write more, blog more. In 2008 I wrote 333 blog posts on this here blog. That is amazing, that's like, almost one per day! I want to beat that record.
5. Go to social gatherings. I have a weird problem with social anxiety. I will skip going to events, even when I know it will just be a group of good friends and people I really like! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I've got to work on this, or I will have no friends left.
6. Yoga run workout loose weight, take my dog for lots of hikes and walks, the usual get fit stuff.
7. Paint more. My grandma gave me some painting tools for Christmas, which reminded me that hey! I used to paint. I need to do that again.
8. Get more photography work. Which means finish website, work on a flyer, new business card, take free photos to build portfolio, etc.
9. Save money, make more money, don't get more debt, etc. I am going to be 30 soon. When do I start bringin' home the big bucks y'all?
10. Don't waste so much time doing NOTHING on the computer, ie wasting time on the Internet or playing the Sims 3 and/or Lord of the Rings Online too much. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to stop doing these things. Just don't do them as much. Especially just sitting on the Internet, doing nothing but checking facebook, googling pictures of Ryan Gosling, looking up weird things on Wikipedia and checking Oregonlive.com for Kyron Horman updates. I really need to stop doing that. Such a time sink. Or sync?

OK, so that's my list. What's yours?


  1. I didn't know Elliott Glacier closed. I also didn't know you had such a hard time quitting things, though it makes sense, knowing you as I do.

    I like your resolutions. I really love your art. You totally should do more of it. Also, when you finish your business cards, I'd like a stack. Thanks for reminding me about this place.


  2. I need to read more too. I don't have much extra time, but I could squeeze in 20 min a day perhaps. You could start a book club, I'll read along up here! June at Bye Bye Pie does a live one on her blog where people post the thoughts in her comments.

  3. My goals go like this...

    ! - Eat more pizza
    @ - Watch more bad movies
    # - be productive
    $ - don't expect anything. Just have fun doing and don't worry about how it will be when it is finished. Don't worry about the cover till you finish the book.
    % - Do the dishes more often

  4. Gah! I was nodding my head at several of your resolutions. I am especially guilty of avoiding social situations even when it's a group of people I really enjoy!

    I don't have resolutions really. I just want to make the transition from SD to Portland as gracefully as I can without bitching too much to/at my hubby. :)

  5. Gloria- EGPH closed a while ago, the old farts running the place decided they wanted to retire or something. Lame, right? I believe they've been trying to sell the business, but you know, hard economic times and what have you, no one has bought the place yet. Also, I will defs give you some business cards when I get some new ones! I have some now but I can't find the friggin' box. MUST. GET. ORGANIZED!

    Krista- book club is not a bad idea! I am already in a RL book club, but I set my goal for 2011 on good reads to be one book a week, aka 52 books in a year, so I'm definitely gonna be reading lots and lots. Insane I know! Can it be done? We'll see how it goes. :)

    Mr. Hoons- Your list is pretty much how I envision you all the time anyway, aside from the doing the dishes thing. :)

    Jasmine- I am with you on the trying to be graceful thing, I think that's a great goal. Is it weird that I always think of GRACE Kelly when pondering gracefulness? Probably just word association, but I bet she was graceful. :)


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