29 December 2010

busy with things.

Painting by Mary Smith (my grandmother).

I have so many projects in the works right now!

Alright, there are TWO new blog posts over at my food blog, Clearly Tasty. I'm going to make it a new year's resolution to blog there at LEAST twice a week. I have so much material to work with too, I'm really excited about it.

Also, I created a very, VERY basic site for my photography services Camille Loraine Photography just so I have something when people ask. I plan on updating it very soon with photo examples of my work, etc, and as soon as I have the $17 to spare I'll get my own domain name and do some more design work on it, make it look totes profesh. Anyway hop over there and take a look, I'd love to get some feedback on it.

I'm also scanning family photos from my mom's side of the family, which is so much fun, but also very time consuming. It will be really great when it's finished though, all those pictures for everybody in the family to have access to is really neat I think. 

What have you been up to? Any big projects on the horizon?

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