20 October 2010

Cathay Dinnerware

This photo was not taken by me, but this is the dish set that I have. I could only wish I had that creamer and butter dish though!!! Someone quick, find them for me! While your at it find me a few more of the cups, I broke two of them when moving boxes a few months ago. So sad.


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    They have the original creamer and sugar dish set on Etsy. I just saw it this past weekend. The original sugar bowl was green with a wood lid and little stem handle. The creamer looks just like the one in your picture.


  2. Oh I have seen it a few times, I just dont have the money for it atm! It sure is beautiful though, huh! :) Thanks for your comment anonymous :)

  3. Speaking of the creamer that was. The sugar bowl though I've only seen a few times. Man, I can't seem to find on etsy, if you have a chance send me some direct links, when I do a search for Cathay I don't see them, just broken parts for crafting.


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