20 October 2010

Cathay Dinnerware

This photo was not taken by me, but this is the dish set that I have. I could only wish I had that creamer and butter dish though!!! Someone quick, find them for me! While your at it find me a few more of the cups, I broke two of them when moving boxes a few months ago. So sad.

19 October 2010

Random Order Coffee

Here are a couple of pics from my recent trip to Random Order Coffee.
Mulled Cider with Ginger Rum
Apple Pie
If I lived in the neighborhood this would probably be my regular stop for coffee, but since it's quite the trek I hadn't been there in probably a year or so, and had forgotten about their tasty baked goods! I had a piece of apple pie as well as a hot apple cider (with a shot of ginger rum, yum!). They were both fabulous. I definitely recommend this place. It is often very busy and there isn't much seating room, so just be ready to drink your coffee and eat your goods standing up, or take out. The last time I was there in the morning there was a long line for coffee, and I patiently waited for my cappuccino, and was so excited, and was walking back to the car when I tripped on this groove in the pavement and splashed my coffee all over the sidewalk. I was horrified! I don't recommend doing that. Who was I with that day? Anyone remember that?

17 October 2010

Flowering plant.

This plant flowered a few weeks ago.

Larger photo here
Larger photo here
I forget what it's called, but I believe it's a succulent. I have had a plant like this for years and never seen it flower. In fact the one I had before this died. Probably due to over-watering. That's how I accidentally kill most succulents. This succulent has been living on the porch though. Usually I keep them inside but these three here (other two not pictured) have lived on my porch all summer long. Which I think is why they are thriving. I was doing some reading and I guess they like to get cooler at night, like they would in the desert. Too bad they are going to have to come inside soon, since it's getting too cold.

I visited my family this weekend and took lots of pictures around my parents and grandparents place. I can't wait to share them!

12 October 2010

Sliced bread

Sliced bread
Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline
I made homemade yeast bread for the first time ever and it was AWESOME! I used the recipe for White Sandwich Bread from Joy of Cooking, although I did the whole wheat version. And I decided to half the recipe because I only have one loaf pan. BUT, I forgot to half the 1 cup of warm water, so when I was mixing in the flour I was like, "WHAT IS GOING ON THIS ISN'T RIGHT!" and then I realized my mistake, and just kept adding flour til the dough was not soo sticky.

Even though I made that huge mistake it turned out amazing. I was worried since I had halved everything else, especially the yeast, that it wasn't going to rise properly, but it did. Now I want to make bread all the time! I recommend trying it. It does take a long time, what with the 3 hours your bread has to rise, but it is totally worth it!

06 October 2010

Another fall photo

Fall leaves.
Took this yesterday while taking the dog for a walk. Not easy to take photos and walk an unruly puppy, I might add. This shot I scrambled to get off because the leaves fluttering in the wind looked cool and I was anxious to get them in the frame. Luckily I was able to catch one of them. I love fall.