17 September 2010

This weekend I'm going to...

Terry & Shannon's Wedding

This weekend I'm going to...

Visit with some friends and their little baby
Hang with my puppy and go on a nice walk
Work on my website so it's presentable and portfolio-esque
Re-edit a few wedding photos
Cuddle with my hubby
Watch some MST3K

What are you going to do?

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  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Hi Camille! It sounds like you have a nice weekend ahead. One of these days we'll get together and talk photo geekery. I would love that.

    I will be doing the following over the next few days:
    Beer with friends tonight. A wedding tomorrow. Take some photos. Edit photos from a previous wedding. Visit my new little baby cousin. Clean. Sleep. Eat. And maybe walk the Race for the Cure. And hopefully be healthy again by monday!

    So, we'll see if the cleaning actually happens. ;-)


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