29 September 2010


Anyone have any good tips for dog-walking a puppy? Scully pulls so hard when she's on the leash that she practically chokes herself. Yesterday we picked up a Gentle Leader Collar which seems to work well, but she HATES it. It's like having a bridle on a horse. Do horses like those? I'm sure she'll get used to it and it's supposed to be safe and humane for the dog but I still feel bad. We practiced with it for about a half an hour, and about every 10 steps she would stop and roll on the ground trying to take it off. My dream is that one day she will walk calmly beside me everywhere we go, like my old family dog Jake. He was great. Although my sister trained him for years in 4-H, that might have had something to do with his good behavior. And Scully is still just a puppy. She'll grow out of it, right? Here's hoping! :)


  1. Here are some links to look at that give good advice about walking a dog. The big thing is being assertive and being the leader, not letting the dog walk you or lead you.



  2. Thanks for the comment Jason, I'll check those links out! :)


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