24 May 2010

The Lost finale

My thoughts on the Lost finale (a mere half hour after watching it).

Obviously I'm going to have to watch it again to fully understand everything, make that, I'm going to have to watch the entire series again, but I think that I loved it (the finale).

I have literally watched this show since the pilot. Who was I with, Mark maybe? I'm not as good as remembering things like Al is. But it's been an obsession of mine ever since I first saw the pilot. I have forced countless friends to watch it, a habit of mine when I come across something I love as many of you who know me can attest to.

After the first couple seasons I didn't always keeping up every week, sometimes not watching for almost a whole season and then getting caught up online or on dvd because I couldn't handle the weekly wait. This is dangerous if you are worried about spoilers, because in this internet age it is hard to avoid them, but for the most part I did, or if I ever did get spoiled it wasn't really that big of a deal to me because for some reason I could still totally get immersed in the show no matter what. It's about the characters and their journey and I can always get behind characters and their journey. That's my thing.

At any rate I watched the entirety of last season in the last two days, so it's all kinda swarming in my brain like I was struck by lighting. While I understand people are unhappy that they didn't get some of the answers they wanted I just gotta say I never expected to get them, the show was always like that, so why wouldn't it be in the end? And why would you want it any other way? It's like Eli said to me 10 minutes ago, a magic trick isn't magical once you've seen how it works. Which is totally true. And that's how Lost is. And I, for one, can live with that.


  1. yes! i totally agree!

    and i totally credit you with getting me into lost. alyssa and i watched your first season DVDs and that was all it took! i personally was hooked after the pilot.

  2. Yay! I love to hear stories of people enjoying something because of me. Wait, that makes me sound like a narcissist or something, but I guess what I mean is I get enjoyment out of seeing others enjoying things that I also enjoy. Ha. :)


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