05 April 2010

Saturday was a very fine day.

Ok, Saturday was one of my bestest days in a while.

I got to have tea with Gloria.

I made peanut butter cookies and a cabbage salad for a potluck. They were both delicious.

I went to said potluck and had a FABULOUS time catching up with Sydney's buddies. I needed that real bad. It was awesome.

I stopped by Extracto on 15th and Prescott (GO THERE!) and saw my BFF Forever Chewy.

After that I got to see my good friend Robb, and coincidentally Laura (who works) at the Rose and Thistle.

See, I get in these funky funks where I have crazy social anxiety and I don't see my friends for a long time. It is stupid. Saturday reminded me how rad my friends are. Not that I needed reminding, I know I have awesome friends. I just needed reminding that I needed that. Or maybe reminding that things don't always suck, because of your friends, if you bother to see them! I don't know how to articulate it, other than to say seeing all you people on Saturday made my day, hell it made my month. My year.

I know that sometimes I say I'm going to be somewhere and I don't show up. Don't take it personal friends. I am just a neurotic. Sometimes I just need more prodding. Lame, I know, but you've all got to know that I love your guts. And thanks for putting up with me. God knows Eli has to put up with me enough. I should definitely spread the crazy out to y'all. :)

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