26 April 2010


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Cookies yummy.

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't been planning many menus lately, because things have been so hectic with schedules and what not, but I am vowing to get back into it. This week I've planned on simple breakfasts, oatmeal, eggs, cereal; lunches of leftovers; and some fun dinners, as well as some crockpot meals for Wednesday and Thursday which are both long days for me. It's heavy on the chicken this week, but they had a great sale at Lamb's Thriftway that I just couldn't pass up on. I love that store! It reminds me of the grocery stores of my youth, and while they don't have the hugest selection of organics, they do support local products, which I love, and they are super duper friendly, which, lets face it, goes a long way.

Here's the dinner plan (and I'll let you know how well I follow through)

Monday- Alton Brown's Lentil Soup
Tuesday- Meatloaf* with steamed Broccoli and Kale
Wednesday- Crockpot Chicken and Quinoa
Thursday- Crockpot Boneless Chicken Cacciatore
Friday- Roasted Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes

Roasted Chicken is one of Eli & I's favorites. For a while after we got married we would make it like, once a week. We haven't had it in a while so this will be a nice Friday night. :)

*Anyone have a good Meatloaf recipe? A coworker was eating leftovers last week and I just got a hankerin' for it. Not my usual fair, but I thought what the hay, some times comfort food is what you need to get through the work week, right?

14 April 2010

sewing project one

sewing project one
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My first sewing project in over ten years! I was all thinking it was going to be like riding a bike or something. It was not. Making this silly cloth napkin was a lot of work, and it kinda looks like crap. But I made it, all on my own, and that's something, right? :)

Rocky Walk

Rocky Walk
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Went to the coast. Love it there. Someday I will own a house on the beach and walk on the beach everyday. That is my dream.

09 April 2010

Today I am going to the ocean!

Found this pick in the parking lot at my apartment this morning. it has a hole in the middle, ain't never seen that before. I will keep it in my pocket until it is no more.

05 April 2010

Saturday was a very fine day.

Ok, Saturday was one of my bestest days in a while.

I got to have tea with Gloria.

I made peanut butter cookies and a cabbage salad for a potluck. They were both delicious.

I went to said potluck and had a FABULOUS time catching up with Sydney's buddies. I needed that real bad. It was awesome.

I stopped by Extracto on 15th and Prescott (GO THERE!) and saw my BFF Forever Chewy.

After that I got to see my good friend Robb, and coincidentally Laura (who works) at the Rose and Thistle.

See, I get in these funky funks where I have crazy social anxiety and I don't see my friends for a long time. It is stupid. Saturday reminded me how rad my friends are. Not that I needed reminding, I know I have awesome friends. I just needed reminding that I needed that. Or maybe reminding that things don't always suck, because of your friends, if you bother to see them! I don't know how to articulate it, other than to say seeing all you people on Saturday made my day, hell it made my month. My year.

I know that sometimes I say I'm going to be somewhere and I don't show up. Don't take it personal friends. I am just a neurotic. Sometimes I just need more prodding. Lame, I know, but you've all got to know that I love your guts. And thanks for putting up with me. God knows Eli has to put up with me enough. I should definitely spread the crazy out to y'all. :)