14 February 2010


This weekend Eli & I drove to Hood River and stayed at my brother's place. It was nice getting out of the city for a while. I miss my home. Not so much the town, but the place in the country where I grew up. It is nice. Anyway, we got to babysit my niece while my brother & sister-in-law went out for dinner with some friends. She is getting so grown up, and developing a real personality. It's exciting to see. We took her over to my parents and had Papa Murphy's pizza while watching the olympic opening ceremony with the sound off. My dad likes to watch tv with the sound off a lot. Don't really get it. My mom & I gave Mckinzie a bath, she did have ketchup in her hair afterall. Kids!

Seriously, how cute is this baby?

The next day we stopped by my grandma & grandpa Smith's place. They were really surprised to see us, it was nice. my grandma & I talked knitting a bit while Eli set up some speakers my grandma got for the computer she got for Christmas. In traditional form there was a solitaire game on the screen. My grandpa is pretty much constantly playing solitaire on the computer. I think basically I could get him an electronic solitaire game and he wouldn't ever use the computer at all.

After that we met up with my friend Jody Thompson in Odell for some carne asada at Michocan. It was delish! Jody and I got caught up on some gossip and watched soccer on the tv. Eli & I then went back to my brother's place to finish up some laundry (I took advantage of their large washer and dryer while I was there) and then headed back to the city, but not before stopping at my mom's office to sign tax papers. We are getting some money back, which is great. Thanks Presedent Obama!

When we got home and checked the mail I found there was a card from my grandma, basically detailing all the things we had talked about earlier in the day. It's funny that she mailed me a card and didn't even mention it when I saw her. I'm going to have to remember to write her back. I'll have to think of something interesting to say first.

Today I had to work, it wasn't too bad though because it was a short day. I stopped by Safeway on my way home and this dude was getting berated by the manager for panhandling in the parking lot and the manager refused to cash his pop bottle return voucher. I was like, dang. That's harsh man. When I got home Eli & I quested together in Forochel (Lord of the Rings online). It was a lot of fun. Then we made dinner together, watched an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show and that was our relaxing Valentine's Day. It was great.

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