03 January 2010

1950s Cooking

I had a totally 50s style dinner the other night. I made turkey pie with some leftovers from thanksgiving, and jello parfaits.

The caption for this amazing photo reads:
Let the children cook . . . it's fun for them and a help to you.
Start off with an easy menu (page 81) and just see them shine!

The recipe for the pie was out of my General Food Kitchens Cookbook, first published in 1959. It's one of my favorite cookbooks to browse through, although most of the recipes are pretty dated. The raddest thing about this cookbook is that it's more than a cookbook, it's like the book they gave to 20 year old soon-to-be bride or something, it tells you how to do everything, from picking out produce to preparing a meal for 100. The pictures are amazing too, and in glorious unappetizing color as you can see above.

jello parfait

Jello Parfait

The Jello Parfait was just something I thought sounded cool, and fit my theme. I just made regular jello, and spooned it into cups, topped that with some fruit (out of the can of course, how 50's right?) and topped it with some home-made whipped cream. Sooo good. I love home-made whipped cream. The canned fruit cocktail, lets face it, sucked. I guess if you were living in a bunker afraid of the cold war it would be great to be able to have some fruit out of a can, but for now I'll stick with the fresh stuff.

pot pie

Old Fashioned Turkey Pie

I moded the recipe a bit, added extra veggies and used half a cup buckwheat flour with the regular flour for the biscuit top to make it a little more healthy. All it all it was a success. Easy, quick, and tasty, and a great way to use up that leftover turkey.

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  1. I love vintage cookbooks. Mom has the Betty Crocker Boys and Girls cookbook. It uses adjectives like dreamy! I found one at Goodwill for Betty Crocker's Easy Entertaining. It has tips on how to act as a hostess, certain foods to serve, and different parties to throw. I can let you borrow it sometime, if you want. The recipes are also pretty dated, but it is still fun.


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