30 December 2010

It's good to have goals.

Scully dog.

Do you ever remember something or someone from long ago, only to realize moments later that it is not a real memory but something or someone from a movie or a tv show you used to watch? This has happened to me so many times I can't even tell you. The other day I was trying to remember the name of this professor from college, and realized I was thinking of one of Joey Potter's professors from Dawson's Creek! I tell you what, I was filled with laughter and shame all at the same time.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, wait, were we? Oh, I guess I just mentioned Dawson's Creek. Anyway I love guilty pleasures. Remember when Dawson's Creek was awesome and the biggest crisis in life was that the dude you had a crush on might know that you had a crush on him and oh boy wouldn't that be embarrassing? Anyway Dawson's Creek really did not stand the test of time. I should know, I have the whole series on DVD. The first few seasons are fun to watch, kind of cheesy but in that good way. The last few, not so much. I still can't even bring myself to watch that last season again.

But I have that problem a lot, even with good things. I don't want them to be over. I really hated watching the last episode of LOST even though I couldn't wait to watch it, but I just didn't want it to be over! I was the same way with the final Dark Tower book. I put it down for months, refusing to let it be over. This applies with everything in life too. I lament college being over, I lament Sydney's Cafe and Elliot Glacier pub being closed... I don't want to let anything go!

Something to work on for the new year I suppose. For some reason I really love making New Year's Resolutions. I am utter failure at follow through, but it's fun to make them. Must be the list maker in me. Here 's my top ten list:

1. Try to get rid of some books. Before I become a hoarder and die in a pile of my own making. In fact just try to get rid of a lot of stuff. Too much stuff!
2. Read more. I only FINISHED 9 books this year, according to Good Reads. And one of them was a comic book. Shameful! Of course I started and put down like, at least 10 books. Which leads me to number 3...
3. FINISH WHAT YOU START! I have a problem.
4. Write more, blog more. In 2008 I wrote 333 blog posts on this here blog. That is amazing, that's like, almost one per day! I want to beat that record.
5. Go to social gatherings. I have a weird problem with social anxiety. I will skip going to events, even when I know it will just be a group of good friends and people I really like! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I've got to work on this, or I will have no friends left.
6. Yoga run workout loose weight, take my dog for lots of hikes and walks, the usual get fit stuff.
7. Paint more. My grandma gave me some painting tools for Christmas, which reminded me that hey! I used to paint. I need to do that again.
8. Get more photography work. Which means finish website, work on a flyer, new business card, take free photos to build portfolio, etc.
9. Save money, make more money, don't get more debt, etc. I am going to be 30 soon. When do I start bringin' home the big bucks y'all?
10. Don't waste so much time doing NOTHING on the computer, ie wasting time on the Internet or playing the Sims 3 and/or Lord of the Rings Online too much. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to stop doing these things. Just don't do them as much. Especially just sitting on the Internet, doing nothing but checking facebook, googling pictures of Ryan Gosling, looking up weird things on Wikipedia and checking Oregonlive.com for Kyron Horman updates. I really need to stop doing that. Such a time sink. Or sync?

OK, so that's my list. What's yours?

29 December 2010

busy with things.

Painting by Mary Smith (my grandmother).

I have so many projects in the works right now!

Alright, there are TWO new blog posts over at my food blog, Clearly Tasty. I'm going to make it a new year's resolution to blog there at LEAST twice a week. I have so much material to work with too, I'm really excited about it.

Also, I created a very, VERY basic site for my photography services Camille Loraine Photography just so I have something when people ask. I plan on updating it very soon with photo examples of my work, etc, and as soon as I have the $17 to spare I'll get my own domain name and do some more design work on it, make it look totes profesh. Anyway hop over there and take a look, I'd love to get some feedback on it.

I'm also scanning family photos from my mom's side of the family, which is so much fun, but also very time consuming. It will be really great when it's finished though, all those pictures for everybody in the family to have access to is really neat I think. 

What have you been up to? Any big projects on the horizon?

Chunky Lentil Soup and Homemade Broth

Chunky Lentil Soup.

This Chunky Lentil Soup is from the cookbook Super Natural Cooking (I found a link to the recipe on another blog here). I love this book because the recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare. I probably cook out of it at least once a month.

When I made this soup a couple of weeks ago I tweeted this:

Hilarity ensued, with people wondering, what is this chucky lentil soup? Did the bride of Chucky make this? Why do you want to marry it? I shake my fist at you sometimes, twitter! It was pretty funny though.
Now back to soups. When I make soups from recipes I tend to follow them loosely, quantities are not really set in stone. You have 5 cups of homemade broth when the recipe calls for 3 cups? Why waste it? Use it all.

When it comes to soups, heck, when it comes to pretty much all cooking, I'm also a heavy spicer. I almost never measure the spices out, I just eyeball them with a few pinches, dashes, shakes, what have you. I also used regular ol' lentils because that is what I had. This is also a good idea, especially from a frugal standpoint. You don't need to go out and buy some special ingredient when you can replace it with something already in your kitchen.

Homemade Broth
Have I mentioned my easy way for making homemade broth? It's not rocket science, it's actually pretty easy. Basically whenever you use veggies, instead of throwing things away, things like the ends of carrots, the outer layers of onions and the ends, the garlic that is left in the press after you smash it, the tops of celery, potato peels, etc.throw them it in a little zip lock bag or reusable container and toss it in the freezer.

This also works for chicken, if you buy a whole chicken, toss the bits from the inside that you usually cringe and just throw in the trash, with the back and what ever other pieces you don't use into the freezer. You get the idea.

When things start falling out of the freezer every time you open the door, its time to make stock.Grab your big pot or dutch oven, toss in a bunch of veggies and/or chicken bits, fill with water till covered, add a few of your favorite spices, peppercorns and a few pinches of salt, bring to a boil and then simmer for a few hours. Strain and use, or put in the fridge or freezer for later. So delicious and frugal!

Bottom line, don't be afraid to veer off the road a bit! Make homemade soup. Use what you have. Eat. Enjoy. Clearly tasty.

28 December 2010

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Chocolate Chip Muffins
Chocolate Chip Muffins
Ah, the age old question. What is the difference between a muffin and a cupcake? Not a whole heck of a lot. Especially with these Chocolate Chip Muffins from Joy of Baking I made a few weeks ago. I think the only thing keeping them from cupcake territory was the lack of frosting or icing. At least that is what I told myself as I ate one for breakfast 3 days in a row. For some reason mine look nothing like the ones pictured on the Joy of Baking site, but they were mighty tasty non-the-less.

22 December 2010

I am an artist and a dreamer.

I remember being a dreamer. The future seemed to hold so many possibilities. I remember Idaho. 1999. Drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Writing and drawing in my journal. Cold winters, wearing scarves and thick jackets. My Discman spinning mixes of Damien Jurado, Pedro the Lion, Sunny Day Real Estate. An extra pair of double A batteries always in my pocket.

The possibilities seemed endless then, when I was a dreamer. I want that back. I am going to be a dreamer again.

Side note: I find Kevin Smith pretty darn inspiring at times. While his comedy is often too blue for me, what I find inspirational about him is that he does what he wants to do. Sounds simple, right? For some reason it isn't. And that is so frustrating. But Kevin Smith posted a blog recently that really hit the nail on the head, you can find it here, but I'll paraphrase for you. When he was young, late teens/early twenties he was talking with his older sister, and he said to her, "I want to be a film maker." And she was like, "ok, so BE a film maker." And he was like, "yeah, I'm gonna." And she was like, "don't say your gonna be a film maker. BE a film maker. You are a film maker, you just haven't made a film yet."

I'm gonna be 30 next year, and I still don't know for sure what I want to do or who I want to be when I grow up (ha!). But I know it's not this. And I know its gotta be something creative. While change and success don't happen over night (something I have to always remind myself of) I am on the path to something greater. And I need to remember to stick to that. Whatever it ends up being. Photography. Writing. Drawing. Crocheting. Painting. Smiling.

I am an artist. And I am a dreamer again.

17 December 2010


Gloria with Indigo & Tolkien
Wow, I haven't posted in a while. Holidays. Anyway I had the opportunity to take a family portrait for my good friend Gloria last weekend. It was raining, and we didn't have a lot of time, but we managed to get a few nice shots. This one is probably my favorite.

25 November 2010

Scully's first snow day

Scully running in the snow.
Scully was having a good time in the snow, and I managed to capture this rad photo of her. She looks nuts, it's hilarious. I wish it was more in focus, but it's so hard to capture a fast moving puppy!

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all you peeps out there! :) Enjoy your day!

21 November 2010

Rice Crispy Treats!

Today I made Smitten Kitchen's Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats for a work party Eli is throwing.

Rice Crispy Treats

This recipe is little different than your traditional one, you brown the butter and use sea salt to give it a more grown-up flair, but basically they are your traditional rice crispy treat. I didn't follow the recipe to a T, it calls for a 10 oz bag of marshmallows and I instead used half of a 16 oz bag (this way I have enough to make another batch for a Thanksgiving treat!).

Rice Crispy Treats

Despite cutting back on the marshmallowy-goodness they are still very delish and sticky and pretty much perfect! I totally recommend this recipe if you want to make this delicious treat that will transport you to your 10 year old self. :)

07 November 2010



Here is another senior portrait I did recently. I really love doing these. They are so much fun, and the pressure is low. The hardest part is getting the kid to relax and get a natural smile out of them, which for me usually happens around the 30 minute mark. Once they get used to having their picture taken and don't feel embarrassed or self conscious that is when it really gets great. So much fun!

04 November 2010


Did some photos for a couple high school seniors a few weeks back. Here is one of my favorites from that session. The fall leaves were in full effect that day. You couldn't pay for a better backdrop!


02 November 2010


I love flowers, and love to take photos of them whenever I get the chance. I just want to remember each one forever, you know? Here are a few from a while ago, all these and more can be seen on my flickr page here. Enjoy!

20 October 2010

Cathay Dinnerware

This photo was not taken by me, but this is the dish set that I have. I could only wish I had that creamer and butter dish though!!! Someone quick, find them for me! While your at it find me a few more of the cups, I broke two of them when moving boxes a few months ago. So sad.

19 October 2010

Random Order Coffee

Here are a couple of pics from my recent trip to Random Order Coffee.
Mulled Cider with Ginger Rum
Apple Pie
If I lived in the neighborhood this would probably be my regular stop for coffee, but since it's quite the trek I hadn't been there in probably a year or so, and had forgotten about their tasty baked goods! I had a piece of apple pie as well as a hot apple cider (with a shot of ginger rum, yum!). They were both fabulous. I definitely recommend this place. It is often very busy and there isn't much seating room, so just be ready to drink your coffee and eat your goods standing up, or take out. The last time I was there in the morning there was a long line for coffee, and I patiently waited for my cappuccino, and was so excited, and was walking back to the car when I tripped on this groove in the pavement and splashed my coffee all over the sidewalk. I was horrified! I don't recommend doing that. Who was I with that day? Anyone remember that?

17 October 2010

Flowering plant.

This plant flowered a few weeks ago.

Larger photo here
Larger photo here
I forget what it's called, but I believe it's a succulent. I have had a plant like this for years and never seen it flower. In fact the one I had before this died. Probably due to over-watering. That's how I accidentally kill most succulents. This succulent has been living on the porch though. Usually I keep them inside but these three here (other two not pictured) have lived on my porch all summer long. Which I think is why they are thriving. I was doing some reading and I guess they like to get cooler at night, like they would in the desert. Too bad they are going to have to come inside soon, since it's getting too cold.

I visited my family this weekend and took lots of pictures around my parents and grandparents place. I can't wait to share them!

12 October 2010

Sliced bread

Sliced bread
Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline
I made homemade yeast bread for the first time ever and it was AWESOME! I used the recipe for White Sandwich Bread from Joy of Cooking, although I did the whole wheat version. And I decided to half the recipe because I only have one loaf pan. BUT, I forgot to half the 1 cup of warm water, so when I was mixing in the flour I was like, "WHAT IS GOING ON THIS ISN'T RIGHT!" and then I realized my mistake, and just kept adding flour til the dough was not soo sticky.

Even though I made that huge mistake it turned out amazing. I was worried since I had halved everything else, especially the yeast, that it wasn't going to rise properly, but it did. Now I want to make bread all the time! I recommend trying it. It does take a long time, what with the 3 hours your bread has to rise, but it is totally worth it!

06 October 2010

Another fall photo

Fall leaves.
Took this yesterday while taking the dog for a walk. Not easy to take photos and walk an unruly puppy, I might add. This shot I scrambled to get off because the leaves fluttering in the wind looked cool and I was anxious to get them in the frame. Luckily I was able to catch one of them. I love fall.

30 September 2010



I have Photoshop CS2 but I have been running a trial version of CS5 that is on its last log in. I haven't logged out for 3 days in attempts to finish up some projects before I have to say bye bye. I don't know why, it's not like it's that much different, but I just don't want to let it go. Nor do I want to pay the money to upgrade, frankly because I just don't have the money right now. We'll see how long I can last before having to restart my computer, until then, good times roll. :)

This is a photo from a roll of film I recently developed. I do not remember when it was taken, but it was at least 2 years ago. Maybe longer. It's a perfect portrait of Sarah, her facial expression says it all. It says I am person who is chill, who likes to have a fun, who is nice... I just love this photo. Such a cool thing to find when getting a mystery roll of film back from development.

29 September 2010

Tuna Casserole

Tuna Casserole

Sometimes you cook without a recipe and it turns out AMAZING. This casserole I made on Thursday was one of those meals. I browsed a few of my many, many cook books, browsed some of my favorite online sources, and none of the recipes fit the bill for what I had in my fridge and pantry, so I decided to just make it up.

Basically here is what I did.

Camille's Thursday Night Tuna Casserole

1/2 bag of whole wheat noodles
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup to 1 cup of milk, or as much as needed
1 can of peas, drained
1 can of tuna, drained
1 onion, chopped
1 can of sliced Shitaki mushrooms (or the reg. kind would work as well, I bought Shitaki because they were on sale), drained
1 1/2 cups of shredded cheese
Handful of breadcrumbs

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Cook the noodles as directed. While the noodles are cooking, fry up the chopped onion in some olive oil, cook on medium for about 5 minutes, or til the onions become translucent. When the noodles are done, drain, and put into a oven-proof (casserole-type) dish. Add the mushroom soup, milk, peas, tuna, onion, mushrooms, and about half to 3/4ths of the shredded cheese. Mix this all up real good (you could of course do this in a mixing bowl and then pour into the pan, but I like to make as few dirty dishes as possible since I have a tiny kitchen). Top with the remaining cheese and the handful of breadcrumbs (I also topped with some chives I had left over from a previous recipe). Cook in the oven for about 20 minutes, or until bubbly.

Honestly, this is like the definition of comfort food. The great thing is, you could basically use this as a template and switch things out depending on what you have, so say you have some left over chicken instead of tuna, chop that up and throw it in! Say you have a can of corn insted of peas, or green beans, or fresh veggies. All good things. Say you have a can of cream of broccoli, or whatever. You get the idea. Experiment a little.

As a side for this casserole I went with a salad, this photo is bad but you get the idea. Lettuce, carrot, onion, tomato, cucumber (I'd hit the farmers market earlier in the week, yum!)  tossed with olive oil and white wine vinegar, salt & pepper to taste, top with chopped almonds (I love nuts in my salad!).


Some more pics of my Scully dog

Scully is a deep thinker.
Scully & Frax having fun times.

These were taken on my Konica Autoreflex TC. I got the film developed down at the Walgreens on the corner, and the prints kinda suck. I don't know what I was expecting, I mean, it's friggin' Walgreens, I realize that, but seriously, kind of disappointing. Gonna have to go to a real camera shop and get prints made like a big girl.

The leaves are changing.

It must be fall.


Anyone have any good tips for dog-walking a puppy? Scully pulls so hard when she's on the leash that she practically chokes herself. Yesterday we picked up a Gentle Leader Collar which seems to work well, but she HATES it. It's like having a bridle on a horse. Do horses like those? I'm sure she'll get used to it and it's supposed to be safe and humane for the dog but I still feel bad. We practiced with it for about a half an hour, and about every 10 steps she would stop and roll on the ground trying to take it off. My dream is that one day she will walk calmly beside me everywhere we go, like my old family dog Jake. He was great. Although my sister trained him for years in 4-H, that might have had something to do with his good behavior. And Scully is still just a puppy. She'll grow out of it, right? Here's hoping! :)

17 September 2010

This weekend I'm going to...

Terry & Shannon's Wedding

This weekend I'm going to...

Visit with some friends and their little baby
Hang with my puppy and go on a nice walk
Work on my website so it's presentable and portfolio-esque
Re-edit a few wedding photos
Cuddle with my hubby
Watch some MST3K

What are you going to do?

11 September 2010

Terry & Shannon's Wedding

Terry & Shannon's Wedding
Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

Posted the pre ceremony photos from Terry & Shannon's wedding. You can see them by clicking through the photo. Is this the cutest girl you've ever seen or what? :)

28 August 2010

Sneak Peek

Sneak peek of Terry & Shannon's wedding. I still have so much to do but I just wanted to wet everyone's appetites. :)

14 August 2010

Martha & The Vandellas

Shut up and let 'em play already, right? This song is, how you say, ON FIRE. Loves.

11 August 2010


Spent a lot of time today emailing back and forth between some of my besties. It got me thinking, why don't we do this all the time? We are so awesome. It's nice to stay in touch, especially when we are scattered across the country. Miss and love you ladies!

10 August 2010

Camille, Amanda, Martine, Sara, Megan

Camille, Amanda, Martine, Sara, Megan
Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

Finally pretty much mostly got all of Martine's wedding photos up on flickr. Love this picture of the 5 of us! BFFs For Evah!

09 August 2010


Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

Eli and I went to Newport. There is this touristy awesome place, Newport Bay, with lots of cool things to see, like these beautiful butterflies. Lots of fun. :)

01 August 2010


Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

Uploaded a few more pics from Fred & Martine's wedding. My goal is to finish with that this week some time, and then I have some baby pics/baby announcement to work on for my friends Ben & Krista's newborn Naomi (PS She is freaking adorable!) and then I have the Shaky Hands at Burgerville photos to go through. Lots of photo editing to do! My goal is to definitely have all that done by the time of Shannon's wedding so that I can jump right into those on the 21st. :) Yay for being creatively busy!

29 July 2010

Mayhaw Drinking Soda

Mayhaw Drinking Soda
Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

Here's a little preview from Thursday evening's Shaky Hands show at Burgerville. There will be more, much more, later. Actually, I still have 2 projects to get to before this one, so it might be much later. My day job keeps getting in the way of my dream job/hobby. Grr!

22 July 2010

Dutch Babies

Dutch Babies
Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline
My mother has a few signature dishes, and this is one of them. For special occasions or basically any time the family is all together she makes Dutch baby pancakes, which we affectionately just call Dutch Babies. Basically eggs, butter, milk, flour and sugar are whisked up together (or in a blender) and baked. For toppings we usually had thawed frozen fruit (my mom is never in short supply of frozen peaches in her freezer) and confectioner's sugar. Clearly tasty. :)

*This photo is from Christmas circa 2008. Also seen on this plate are skillet potatoes and link sausage.

20 July 2010

Long time no post

I haven't posted here since May, and for that I apologize. You know how it goes, busy with life and whatnot. I'm hoping to get some posts up soon, however. Stay tuned.

16 July 2010

New puppy!

We got a puppy!

I have been wanting one for a long time, and it all just came together yesterday. We found her from an ad on craigslist, the couple who had her seemed very nice, and she appears to be in perfect health. She is a 5 month old mix, probably lab/corgi of some kind. We are going to take her to the vet soon to make sure she's all good on shots and whatnot and get her spayed.

She is very cute and full of energy! She loves to chew on things and give licks. The name they had given her is Gemma, but we are probably going to call her something else, but we haven't decided what yet. Isn't she a doll? :)