02 December 2009


For thanksgiving this year I made Sweet Potatoes, Yams, whatever you wanna call 'ems, and a simple cranberry sauce. They both turned out really good. This is a picture of my dinner plate, and yes, I ate all of it. Almost. There were a few pieces of turkey I couldn't finish.

On the left* there you will see a Smith family tradition, known simply as noodles. Noodles are everyone's favorite. They are made by hand and cooked in a giant pot that is probably larger than my kitchen. The noodles are mixed with turkey bits, which you gotta watch out for livers and other weird bits that you aren't accustomed to eating, you can see a dark one right in the middle. Some people like these, I myself find them gag inducing, but they do add good flavor. I need to pay attention next year to the whole process so that I too can pass this tradition down to future generations. Good times.

*that is on the right. being a lefty in a righthanded world has made me a moron.

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