13 December 2009

Eggs Benedict with Garlic Aioli

eggs benedict
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Don't you love it when you are really hungry and you try a new recipe and it turns out really, really good? I do too. That is what happened today with this Eggs Benedict recipe I got out of Cook Yourself Thin.

The recipe called for smoked salmon, which was a little out of our price range, so we went with ham instead. I know, defeating the whole purpose of 'cooking oneself thin' but you do what you gotta do in these hard economic times. I used lots of pepper and lemon in the garlic aioli, and it was delicious, especially with a little Tapatio hot sauce on top.

I had never made poached eggs before, so that was a little scary. I figured it was about time though, since it's my current preferred way to eat my eggs. So good! My poached eggs turned out decent, not as pretty as the ones in the restaurants, but the whites were cooked and the yokes were runny, just like I like them.

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  1. It looks delish! Well done! I have that book too... I've been meaning to try out a recipe or two. :)


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