08 November 2009


Eli and I are a perfect match. We both leave things til the last minute, we are both kind of messy, and we are both hot heads. It's a great combo. I tend to get more hot headed than he does, and then I feel like a jerk. That's what happens when you are acting like a jerk.

At any rate my apartment is in total disarray today. I was just starting to feel like everything was getting into it's right place, and then Eli packs in a bunch of his stuff that was still at his old apartment. Now it's completely non functional, with boxes everywhere. The worst part is Eli has this rad old vintage roll top desk that won't fit through the door into our "office" which means right now it's just hanging out in the middle of the living room. Pretty rad. I don't know what we are going to do with it since it's huge large. But it is really cool looking.

I am really excited about all the book shelves he has though. Like, 4 really tall ones. I'm gonna fill em up with books!!! It's good because I have way more books than book shelf space. We are going to look like super smart people with all the books around. It's gonna be great. Ha.

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