29 November 2009

if i could turn back time

Things are getting a little bit crazy around here. I need to find something to do with my life, starting now. Definitely by the new year (I can get more into it later). Remember that whole I wanna be a freelance graphic designer/photographer thinger? How do I do that? Help me Rhonda.

So e.coli is in the water. Maybe. We haven't received any word about it from our apartment manager, but the word around the water cooler is that there is poop in the water. And I wanna take a bath, but not in poopie water.

Must work harder on Christmas gifts. I don't have a single one finished yet. My plan was to create all my gifts this year, by knitting or crocheting or whatever. The problem is I think I have tendinitis or arthritis or something old people get. My hands hurt a lot, from work and from computers and from crafting. What is happening to me? I'm only 28, for Pete's sake.

So don't you hate it when technology doesn't work correctly? I have been playing the Sims 3 again a lot this past week (yeah, total time waster I know, but fun fun fun!). So they released an expansion, which I don't have yet (Christmas gift idea!) and they put out a new patch for the game, which is not really 'patching' any problems, in fact it seems to have created more problems for me. It's insane and to the point where I can't even play my game until a new patch comes out. Ticked! I really wanted to take my sim to the top of the Political track! She was doing so good, and now things are all fraked up. It's soo annoying. My game is stuck in this 'moving' limbo where it thinks my characters are moving still but they aren't, it's been like 4 sim days. Usually it takes like 4 sim hours. So things with the Parsons family are going to shit. It's rough. Elizabeth is getting D's in school, I can't pay the bills so the repo man has been by twice, and no body can get any sleep at all, so they are all getting really ticked off. It's rough.

I bought a box of nag champa the other day, and I haven't even sparked one up, but the box is so smelly it sends its fragrance throughout the room anyway. Weird. I love the smell of that stuff, which is funny because I know so many people who hate it. It's a love or hate smell I think.

My book club decided on East of Eden by John Steinbeck for our next book. Eli picked it up for me at Powells last week, for 3.95, yay for used books. I am so into it! It's amazing. I haven't read any Steinbeck since high school, but now I want to go out and read everything he wrote. East of Eden is a monster, like 700 pages or something, but I'm about 300 pages in and it's hard to put it down. The characters are so engrossing, especially ones that you don't even like. Amazing.

After this I think I'm going to attempt to finish the Stand for the 3rd time. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that it's so long, and then half way through I usually end up reading something else or forgetting about it. But it's a short term goal to finish that book. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to read in December though. Winter is good for reading. It's dark out at like 4, what are you going to do?

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