04 August 2009

Of Tacos & Yogurt

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I made these tacos last week. From a book I'm embarassed to have purchased, it's called Cook Yourself Thin. I don't really wanna cook myself thin, that sounds insane, but I would like to cook my self full of food. And the recipes looked healthy and delicious.

As you can see by this delicious photo. I just wanna eat those tacos all over again! The recipe called for pineapple in the salsa, but Eli doesn't like pineapple, so I decided to use mango instead. Which was great, since we had some leftover mango and just had it on top of some greek yogurt for dessert.

Greek yogurt has been one of my obsessions lately. Of course the whole milk version is the best, so thick and creamy, it's like dessert all by it's self, but the 2% kind is fine, and the fat free or 1% is ok, if your watching your waistline. :) I've tried a few different brands, but my favorite is one I found at the Albertson's near my place. It's called FAGE, which is pronounced Fa-yeh according to their packaging. Sooo delicious.

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  1. The first paragraph of this made me laugh so suddenly I nearly spit my coffee. I can totally hear your voice in my head. Awesome.


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