31 August 2009

Sims 3 Build Challenge

I did a build challenge from the Sims 3 forumns, here's a link to it, Autumn Winters. It was really fun, but also hard since the price limit was rather low. Here are some pics from my go at it(and a link to my upload here):

Lot view

Detailed view of front of house

First floor, garage, kitchen/dining room, office, living room, master bedroom & bathroom.

Second floor, quest bedroom

30 August 2009


Originally uploaded by cleartrampoline

I like going to weddings, but I can't imagine how anyone lives through the planning of one. This photo is from my cousin Nathan's wedding a couple of weeks ago. At a park in Estacada. Very pretty indeed.

Next month I have two weddings, and both on the same day to boot! Craziness. Should make for a fun day though.

I am currently in the planning stages of my own wedding, and as it is two months away everyone has to know what is going on, and I'm like, whatevs. Must finish up and mail invitations though. Supposedly that's something you're supposed to do at the "two months before the wedding mark."

26 August 2009

friggin' dollhouse

S2 Poster
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Season two of Dollhouse is looking to be awesome! And did you all see Epitaph One yet? So good. Can't wait for September!

19 August 2009

Too cute!

Just purchased some jewelery for my wedding. So cute I can't even tell you. You will have to go see them at my wedding. Visit the site, Elle Custom Jewelery on Etsy. This is the bracelet, and I will keep the necklace a secret. It will debut at the wedding! I can't wait for them to arrive! :)

04 August 2009

Of Tacos & Yogurt

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I made these tacos last week. From a book I'm embarassed to have purchased, it's called Cook Yourself Thin. I don't really wanna cook myself thin, that sounds insane, but I would like to cook my self full of food. And the recipes looked healthy and delicious.

As you can see by this delicious photo. I just wanna eat those tacos all over again! The recipe called for pineapple in the salsa, but Eli doesn't like pineapple, so I decided to use mango instead. Which was great, since we had some leftover mango and just had it on top of some greek yogurt for dessert.

Greek yogurt has been one of my obsessions lately. Of course the whole milk version is the best, so thick and creamy, it's like dessert all by it's self, but the 2% kind is fine, and the fat free or 1% is ok, if your watching your waistline. :) I've tried a few different brands, but my favorite is one I found at the Albertson's near my place. It's called FAGE, which is pronounced Fa-yeh according to their packaging. Sooo delicious.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

I wanna be like Zooey Deschanel

I really wanna go see 500 Days of Summer. Zooey Deschanel is pretty much my personal hero ever since I saw All The Real Girls. I wanna be just like her. Only not really, since I don't want to be an actress. It sounds like a stressful profession. And I like to eat food. I don't think actresses get to eat food. But she is lovely. And cool. And sings beautifully, and dresses nicely. I wanna be like that.

02 August 2009


I scrubbed my bathroom spotless today. Pretty annoying task when it is hot out, but it had been far too long coming. It's shiny now though, and I feel great about it. I'm trying this whole new thing, it's called housekeeping. I know, crazy. But I'm going to drive myself to the loony bin if I don't get on top of this mess and organize and clean a little. I am currently in the 'too messy and unorganized to invite people over' stage, and I really wanna get out of that, because I wanna invite people over to play games and eat foods and tell stories and watch tvs. So yeah. Productive day. Now for some Sims 3 action.

The 80s rulz

Dude, music videos are so awesome. Especially ones from the 80s & 90s. Love it!