12 July 2009

What's taters hobbit?

I love potatoes. Yesterday I roasted some in the oven and they were divine! Which reminded me of a recipe I did a couple weeks back from Supernatural Cooking by Heidi Swanson (you can find a link to her blog, 101 Cookbooks, here). This is a fabulous book all about cooking with whole, natural, organic ingredients, or, as it says on her website "Super Natural Cooking is your guide to navigating a less-processed, more natural world of cooking (vitamins, minerals, fiber, and flavor included)." It's got some great recipes, and some beautiful design and photography as well.

I made the recipe for Hedgehog Potatoes, with yogurt mint dipping sauce. It turned out really well, especially the dipping sauce. So yummy and fresh! I felt that perhaps the potatoes would have cooked better having just been simply sliced instead of partially sliced (resembling a hedgehog, hence the name).

At any rate, I highly recommend you bookmark her blog, 101 Cookbooks because she's always posting delicious, seasonal recipes that look so good!

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