25 July 2009

I love the internets

Did you know that you can search movie madness' catalog online? Amazing. I wanted to find this video that PBS made about the Donner Party for a friend, and bada-bing! They have it at Movie Madness of course!

Every seen that documentary? It is creepy and fascinating. I recommend it. Although I haven't seen it in years, I remember being very engaged by the storytelling.

24 July 2009


After work today I went and bought mats and frames for my 14 photographs that I will be showing at Sydney's the month of August. I'm so excited! All told I've spent, let's see... way too much money on this, but if I successfully sell a few photographs then I will probably make out ok, I'm hoping to at least cover the cost of expenses. I'm nervous and excited to be showing my photographs. Should be interesting to see what people think of my silly pictures. :) Anyway if any of you all reading this blog wanna come to my art opening, it will be at Sydney's Cafe, on NW 15th & Thurman, August 9th, from 4-6. Be there. Buy my art. :)

Eli and I have been trying to watch MST3K in chronological order. We pretty much we watch at least one episode everyday, and I was getting sick of the peck and choose, so I suggested we watch them in order. We've had to start with season 4 though, since Eli thinks the first 3 are not as good. Last night we watched Pod People, which is a horrible film, and another one of the Gamera films, I forget which one. Gamera is like, Godzilla #2. Only, he's a giant turtle, and flies around like a UFO. It's so stupid. Funny stuff. In Pod People, the MSTers made a good Laura Palmer reference, and say Chief and McCloud a lot. Hilarious. Next up, Stranded in Space. A tv movie made in the 70s. Boo yeah! My favorite! I love 70s tv movies. :)

22 July 2009

Quick, easy, delicious: Cake

I was really craving cake, and I knew I didn't have a whole lot of options because the fridge and cubbards were pretty bare, so I cracked open the ol' Joy of Cooking*, and what do you know? The first cake recipe in the cake section! I had all the ingredients. It's called Lightning Cake. Basically all you need is flour, baking powder, salt, butter, sugar, eggs, and a lemon. For the topping I used chopped pecans mixed with sugar. Yum! Quick, easy, delicious.

*I have the '97 edition, although I've always thought, how cool would it be to have like, all the editions? I've heard that the '97 one definately has a different focus from some of the other ones.

This is dumb

I found this on the compweeter. Someone really excellently photoshoped out what was originally on this sign, so that you could put what ever you want on it! Hilarity ensue! I couldn't really think of anything cool though, so I went with pizza. Which always pops into my head when I can't think of anything else to say. Weird, no?

12 July 2009

What's taters hobbit?

I love potatoes. Yesterday I roasted some in the oven and they were divine! Which reminded me of a recipe I did a couple weeks back from Supernatural Cooking by Heidi Swanson (you can find a link to her blog, 101 Cookbooks, here). This is a fabulous book all about cooking with whole, natural, organic ingredients, or, as it says on her website "Super Natural Cooking is your guide to navigating a less-processed, more natural world of cooking (vitamins, minerals, fiber, and flavor included)." It's got some great recipes, and some beautiful design and photography as well.

I made the recipe for Hedgehog Potatoes, with yogurt mint dipping sauce. It turned out really well, especially the dipping sauce. So yummy and fresh! I felt that perhaps the potatoes would have cooked better having just been simply sliced instead of partially sliced (resembling a hedgehog, hence the name).

At any rate, I highly recommend you bookmark her blog, 101 Cookbooks because she's always posting delicious, seasonal recipes that look so good!

07 July 2009

OMG how have I not seen this before?

I love made-for-tv after-school-special type flicks in the ironic so-bad-they're-good way. HOW is it possible I have not seen Fifteen & Pregnant, staring Kirsten Dunst??? Netflixing it as we speak!