08 May 2009


So many exciting things happening. Too much to talk about. But I'll talk about one. I'm giving my old ibook to a friend, she dearly needs a computer as she is in college and doesn't have one, and so I've been moving things off of it, files, software, etc. so it will be ready to go for her. Anyway, I was able to install CS2 on the new mac mini (technically it's Eli's, but he is wonderful and sharing it with me). Boy is it awesome! I can actually view photos on a nice screen now, and do all sorts of editing and drawing the the ibook was just too slow to keep up with. I am more than excited about this. You should be too, because it will probably mean more creativity and bloggin coming from this here blog. Stay tuned.

Also, don't forget to check out my new cooking blog, clearlytasty.blogspot.com, which will be updated every monday with delicious pics of food and other nice things of the like.

Big smiles for this beautiful May day! I hope it holds out through the weekend. It will be great for Mother's Day!

This is me, thinking about all sorts of wonderful things. Cake... Cameras... Pizza...

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