22 February 2009

I heart trampolines

I went to the Portland Art Museum today with a friend from work and her mostly well behaved leopard print child. It was a lot of fun. The current exhibit is french paintings from some long ago rich mistress of the king's in France. Pretty interesting. I took the picture above with my phone and played with in in photoshop elements, always needing more practice with the bamboo tablet. I wish I had written down the title and artist information of the photo though, because clearly my phone is not a high tech enough camera to be able to read the title card. At any rate, I thought it was a cool photo and wanted to remember it. I was bummed that they didn't have a Rothko showing at the museum, the one they had a few years ago when I had my membership and it was like the highlight, my favorite piece. But nevertheless I had a great time. Hoping someday I have enough spare dollars laying around that I can get a membership again. Good times.

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