22 February 2009

I heart trampolines

I went to the Portland Art Museum today with a friend from work and her mostly well behaved leopard print child. It was a lot of fun. The current exhibit is french paintings from some long ago rich mistress of the king's in France. Pretty interesting. I took the picture above with my phone and played with in in photoshop elements, always needing more practice with the bamboo tablet. I wish I had written down the title and artist information of the photo though, because clearly my phone is not a high tech enough camera to be able to read the title card. At any rate, I thought it was a cool photo and wanted to remember it. I was bummed that they didn't have a Rothko showing at the museum, the one they had a few years ago when I had my membership and it was like the highlight, my favorite piece. But nevertheless I had a great time. Hoping someday I have enough spare dollars laying around that I can get a membership again. Good times.

19 February 2009

80s Dance Movies Make Me Crazy

Some totally awesome 80s Dancing from a movie called Fast Forward, not to be confused with the awesome show flash forward starring Jewel Staite and Ben Foster.

nose pick

nose pick
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Christina looking rad as per usual.


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so this is a pic of a beautiful apple sauce cake I made a few weeks ago. I had found the recipe online, which I have since forgotten the web address of, but it was after a simple google search for apple sauce cake.

It didn't ever get cooked all the way through the middle though, which l heard is an indication that my oven is running hot. I need to get a thermometer so I can be more accurate with the temperature to avoid this sort of thing. But overall it turned out pretty tasty anyhow. It was more like a bread than a cake though.

Best Day EVER

Today was the best day at work ever.

An actor, Scott Coffey, from one of my favorite movies as a teenager, ate at the cafe today. You know the type of film I'm talking about here: dancing, girly fun time movie. The film is called SHAG. It's from 1989.

You probably never saw it. It wasn't a huge success. But it was a must see among me and my friends Sara and Megan. We watched it a lot. And when I say a lot I really mean a lot. Like, I know the lyrics to all the songs, and to a lot of the lines, and even tried some of the dance moves. I wanted to be Pudge and dance at the Shag contest with Chip. That's how into this movie I was.

So you can imagine my excitement at seeing the actor who played this awesome, sweet, dancing and fun character when he ate at the cafe today. I totally gushed over him and was like, all star struck and giggly like a nerdy nerd girl. It was awesome.

Did I mention any of his more recent rolls in more renown movies like Mullholand Drive or Ellie Parker, the film that he wrote and directed? No. I brought up the romantic comedy he was in 20 years ago. He must of thought I was a total loon. At least I didn't mention his roll in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

I'm such a huge dork.

17 February 2009


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Finished a crochet project today. Eli took this silly picture of me. It's what is called a cowl, like a slab of knit to wear around your neck to keep it all warm like and such. So excited to wear it to work tomorrow! :) Good times.

I don't wanna wait...

Dude, Grams was totally in an episode of Fringe with Pacey. Love that show, just finally got caught up on hulu. I wonder if the two actors where all like, oh hey, nice to see you again, how's life and things? Prolly. I mean, they weren't in like a million scenes together on Dawson's Creek, but I'm sure they were in a few, I mean, that show was on for like a kajillion years. You can watch the happy reunion in the episode The No-Brainer. And you can watch episodes of Dawson's Creek... prolly somewhere. Definately at my sister's house. She's got all them seasons on DVD. Good times. :)

Snuggie™ be my boyfriend.

Hey y'all. Just read via this link from my bf that they are having a Snuggie pub crawl in Chicago. Dang. If only they were having one in Portland. And if only I had a Snuggie. I totally copy and pasted that ! Cuz it's cool to obey copyright laws!

I totally want one of these! Only in the ironic way! But Eli totally wants one in a non-ironic way! Cuz he's too cool to be ironic!

12 February 2009

Mandy Moore is cool

So I was reading through headlines at CNN.com, and it was all like, sadness and stuff, until I perked up at this one, Mandy Moore engaged. Ha. Then I felt like a dork for being all excited about that. But I totes love Mandy Moore y'all! Anyway, that's all I got this morning.

07 February 2009

Bouncing here and there and everywhere

I wanna watch the Gummi Bears.

I type while I talk like Strongbad to annoy my boyfriend cuz it's funny.

Have good Saturday y'all!

03 February 2009


So I woke up today with a sore throat and general malaise. I hate getting sick. It seems in the last year I have gotten sick more than in recent memory. I wonder what is up with that. In good news I will be having an art show at Sydney's for the month of August, I'm sure we'll plan some sort of informal art opening for that, so that should be fun. I'm going to have about 15 pieces of photography from over the course of last year. Should be fantastic. The only thing now is to decide what pieces to print, and how I'm gonna pay for the printing and matting, etc.

It's been a long time since I edited any photos, so I figured since I'm housebound today I might get a few of them done and posted on my flickr page. Or I might just watch a bunch of X Files. Only time will tell. :)

Here's a pic of Mckinzie from Christmas. She's all slobbery but totally cute in her Christmas dress.

02 February 2009

It wasn't Mulder

Went to the Overlook up in NoPo with Eli, Nick and Al. That was good times. Talked about cool stuff like Gilmore Girls and MST3K.

Just started season 7 of the X Files. It's starting to get crazy! Mulder is like, missing and stuff. It's wacky.

My hamster is on the run, only this time, she is in her lil' bitty runny ball, so she won't escape and hide out for like 3 days. Which is what she did like a week ago. It was so nerveracking. I was worried sick y'all!

Albertsons is the best. It's totes awesome. Anyways. Good times.