18 November 2008

I love this guy

Excuse me for a minute, but I have to wax poetical or more like wax teenage girl style about Justin Timberlake right now. He is so awesome! Check out this video from weekend update. So hilarious. I mean really. When is he going to put out a new album already? Sure, sure. Guilty pleasure. I'm sure many of you are just rolling your eyes or perhaps gagging at the mere fact that I'm posting about Justin Timberlake. Again. But really, just let it go and embrace the awesomeness y'all. I don't make fun of you for listening to prog rock, or for liking hamburgers.

Anyway, I gotta go listen to Futuresex/Lovesounds. Check ya laters.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Justin. Seriously. He is actually an artist who likes what he does AND hes effing hilarious. I just wish the audience would shut their fat mouths while he is doing his skit!


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