12 October 2008

OMG I haven't posted in a while

Is it just me or is blogger being a total bee-yotch lately? I've had problems getting on this website quite a few times recently. Blah.

Anyway... so yesterday I played this rad game called Ticket To Ride. Board games are da bomb y'all! Although I need to work on my board game skills, I totally got last place. Four out of four. Poor. It was still super fun. I'm not really that competitive. Mainly because I'm not really super good at anything... I need to find something that I'm good at and totally rule and then school everyone I know. That would be awesome.

Also, Eli and I have been watching mucho MST3K lately. I'm talking like, almost one a day. See, Eli has this machine thing called a compweeter, and it sends secret MST3K messages to this other machine called an xbox 360, or maybe it called something else, like a wii, or like a playstation, who the hell knows, but anyway that machine sends secret MST3K messages to the television, and then we watch it and laugh and laugh and laugh. It's awesome. Yesterday we watched that one where the dude has some stone and then has to go to some other dude's place and then there is this girl who dies but she has a twin sister, I mean, convoluted hilarious stuff. Really.

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  1. (I found your blog off the guys' site.) I am glad that you enjoyed the game so much! We really enjoyed having you both over. We will have to play it again sometime!


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